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Have you drank enough water? I got really bloated at the start, and had a look online and found that not drinking enough water makes your body retain water - and make you bloated. It really is true what it says in the book about drinking enough water being v important! xx


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My crystal ball is on holiday ;)

any transit issues? time of month approaching? water retention if you've been eating salty foods? don't you post menus any more? Without them, and more info, only the telepathic could truly assist!
Joanne, how was your holiday?

Well, basically Monday and Tuesday I had big bowls of soup made with cauliflower and butternut squash. I had 4 pv days in a row ( because of this new pattern I'm trying) and by last night My belly was HUGE, hard and painful. I have been going to the loo everyday so can't think of anything other than the cauliflower.


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Cauli is notorious for ahem flatulence! Do you eat sugar free sweets or gum at all? Another thing I find which makes me want to errrr "puff" (as OH's grand children say!)
So, that was it. I had a whole cauli flower in 2 days. I felt sooo bad I dont think I will ever eat it again!
What sugar free sweet CAN we eat btw? :)
Do gases weigh a lot? Can this be the reason why I am a kilo over?


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a kilo over what? if you do four PVs on the trot, you'll have more water weight...

I'd keep well away from sugar free sweets if I were you. You seem in a very big hurry and you're very worried still.

Relax... post menus... enjoy...
Joanne, it's not like I am in a hurry. It is that weight loss is so so slow that if it takes too long I am afraid of loosing motivation. Do you see my point?
I finally saw a thyroid specialist today. He said if he can't find anything wrong he will refer me to a endocrinologist. You see, I am still following the diet to the letter and have a look at my signature! I put ON 400grs on sat (my official weight in after FOUR whole pp days in a row) and another kilo since then!


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Alessandra - so you're doing 4 PPs then 4 PVs? strange! And where are you in your cycle (no need to reply, but that's often where problems lie?

Here's the long thread we all chipped in and helped you with? We seem to be going over old ground again...

So you gained 400g after 4 x PPs (quite normal... variations happen). Then a further kilo after 4 x PVs (VERY normal - lots of water taken in...).

Why have you stopped posting your menus? We used to find things quite often when you did... post everything. Drinks... everything... over in your diary. Do you exercise?

With your low weight, you won't find it as easy to lose weight as someone heavier as you know...
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I've put weight on this week and have gone back to listing EVERYTHING I consume in my diary to see whether I can work out why; maybe you are having a bit too much dairy, or some people find BNS too carby for them I think. Try writing it all down.
I will!

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