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Blobalob to Not A Blob!

Well I am starting a diary to try and keep myself on track. I've been doing this diet for a month now and at my WI this morning I'd lost a stone. I'm pleased with this as it means I'm on track and I'd decided to treat myself with a new hair cut tomorrow.

However, at Tesco tonight I bought and have not eaten a pizza. I feel so full and fed up with myself. If I'm being fully honest I ate last Tuesday after my WI too. It's as if I think 'oh well, it's ages til next Tues so I can get away with it.' I am so so mad at myself...now I have to put another sad face on my sticker chart as well :mad:

I'm now changing my WI day to Monday as my new calendar/sticker chart starts on a Monday and when I start back at school in a couple of weeks this day will fit in better.

I'm also not going to weigh myself for 4 weeks (19 Sept) so I can't keep 'treating' myself after weekly WIs.

I will be really honest and update how each day has gone on TS on here each night. Half the problem is I live alone so am not accountable to anyone...so now I am accountable to all the helpful peeps at Minimins!!

Fingers crossed for tomorrow xx
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It's a good idea to start a diary, but please do not be too hard on yourself for the occasional food treat - you have lost a stone after all so you are doing a lot right. I agree hair, makeup and clothes treats are less calorific and good for changing our harmful relationship to food, but if you do have a treat once a month, once a fortnight or once a week enjoy it and don't beat yourself up, otherwise food will become an enemy. If it stops you losing any weight make a decision to have longer intervals between treats, but do think of food as the friend it is. We just have to remember that we have to be careful with some friends - like human friends food can try to lead us astray and if we are too reliant we should try and limit the time we spend together. Forgive the extended metaphor and good luck with your continued weight loss!
Hi blob, Im a month in too, and managed to stay away from the food. Its the break form making wrong choices that Im enjoying, wont say some days I dont fight with myself but generally I can see that 3 months target in front of me...if exante can do it with me (new to all this you see!) then Im just so desperate for that 3 month = 3 stone result, been keeping me going.
3 months after years of sadness....pah thats nowt!! (how brave am I after only a month in!!)
Anyway good luck with your second month, love to see how youre going along!
Thanks Lass

I'm over it now, but still feeling full! I have to say even though the pizza was lovely at the time it was too much and I felt a bit ill in bed last night. I think I was more mad at the choice of food not that I'd eaten. If I'd had chicken and veg or something I wouldn't have minded. Anyway what's done is done and I'm feeling positive today.
Wow Dawn, you've done amazing...16 pounds in a month means you're ahead of yourself you must feel really pleased. Think it's gonnna be hard to stay off the scales for a month but would like to try and am sure I will start to see it and clothes will start to fit better before the month is up...here's hoping!!

Congratulations again :happy096:
Thanks Blob, and believe me I am a tortoise slow looser! I read all the massive losses on here when I started and was gutted when I didnt get anywhere near...but hey 14lbs a month is miraculous enough for me!!
Have good day!
Hiya sweetie wow you've done amazingly well! I used to do what you done treat myself with food and realised I had to break the habit I havnt done it for a little while one (even b4 Exante ) but love the idea of a new hair cut etc and don't be to down on yourself look how well you've done! Keep up the good work xxx

Sent from my iPhone love n hugs Kel xx
Well have had a much better day today - 2 shakes and a bar. Am quite hungry though!

Have had my hair cut and it is very nice but very different, will take a bit of getting used to! Have also bought 2 DVDs to use resistance bands with so that I can be toned once the flab is shifted. Will be starting with the easier one as the 2nd DVD is a bit hardcore and the woman on it intimidates me! Her arms are like Madonna's...mine are not!!

Am gonna have an early night tonight to sleep away the hunger
Good morning all. Have had a lovely sleep and am now awake feeling positive about today, am determined to be 100% again. Hope everyone has a good day xx
Another good day today. Two shakes and a bar but have been feeling so hungry. Musn't be back into ketosis yet and have had a lot of coffee to fill the gap. Been very busy so am shattered, read on here about people having heavy feeling legs and have experienced that today...bed soon, g'nite xx
I'm back after an awful week foodwise, but very fun!

Had an unscheduled visit from a friend who lives overseas and haven't seen for ages. So on Friday had to eat to prepare my body! Then Saturday and Sunday has been full of wine, cocktails & lots of lovely meals out. Would love to say I've been good and had chicken and salad but I can't. I haven't fallen off the wagon I willingly jumped off!

I don't regret the weekend - it was such a good time, but I'm now back on track and as determined as ever. This week is going to be busy as I ease myself back into work mode, been brain dead for 5 weeks! At least it'll take my mind off getting back into the exante way and hopefully back into ketosis.

Am gonna stick to my weigh in date of 19 Sept but can't aim for 14 pounds as it's now only three weeks away and am setting myself up for disappointment, so will aim for about 10-12 pounds by then.

Off to have my first shake soon - am actually looking forward to it! Hope everyone's having a good day x
Thanks Darcy and Wow! You're doing so well. Am very jealous of your holiday especially as autumn seems to have arrived early here.

I've been 100% so far today but have had some very hungry moments
What a lovely weekend! I do like to plan a few wee breaks in my diet - and a weekend is a good length of time. Any shorter and it hardly seems worth it, probably better just sticking to plan, any longer and you lose the will to diet. Well done for the determination to come straight back and carry on!
Thanks Lass, it was a lovely weekend, really enjoyed it. It was well worth straying from the exante path. I'm quite amazed at how my mind set has fitted back into place today. Hope you've had a good day x
How did your weigh in go today Lass?

It's been a busy and stressy day today, trying to sort my classroom out but everything from around school's been dumped in there - was sulking a bit! Had a really bad headache, not sure if from school or diet. Am trying to up my water over the last few hours and have took some paracetamol. Was very tempted to have some chicken or something, but know where that leads. So, went to look at work clothes in wardrobe which will not magically fit by Monday but will hopefully fit soon - good motivation as lots of them still have tags on and have been in there for quite a while.

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