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Blood doners, a question

Whilst I was at the hospital yesterday they were asking for blood donors. I volunteered to give blood.

The person asking for donors asked me some questions. When she asked me how old I am she told me I cannot give blood. I was a bit confused cos she had asked me about my cancer at the same time so was not sure if it was the cancer or my age or both that meant I could not donate.

I looked up blood donating on line and saw there that 65 is the upper limit........I wondered why. Has my blood suddenly become a different type as I am over 65 ??

Strange !!! I am sure someone here in this font of knowledge will be able to explain it to me.

She was not perturbed by the fact I had jaundice as a baby, many years ago.
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Perhaps you don't replace it as quickly when you get a bit older? That's just my thoughts.
I can't give blood due to medication, but I take my hat off to all those who do. It's an invaluable and very very selfless thing to do.
Over here the rules stipulate (I think) that you cannot donate if you've ever had cancer.

As for the age thing it's because as you get older you're more prone to anaemia and it takes your body longer to replace the blood you've given away.

It's not an ageist thing - it's a health thing :)

Same as you can only donate if you're over 7st 12lbs. Because of the length of time it can take to replace the 'lost' blood.
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Thank you my friends..............but they do not know what the have missed turning down super-gran !!!


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If you've given blood regularly before 65 you can continue donating after 65, it's because you don't replenish blood very quickly after a certain age.



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I'm not allowed to give blood here in France because I lived in the UK during the mad cow years. It's a shame, as I'd love to be able to give blood.
Over here it's both - they don't accept new donors after the age of 65 (although regular donors can go on donating) and you can't gibe vlood if you've ever had cancer (with a couple of exceptions). There are loads of reasons they wont let you give blood :( They wont let me because I've received a transfusion in the past and am therefore a CJD risk :cry:
I've been on steroids and am currently on immunosuppresants - would I ever be able to give blood? x
You wouldn't while you're on them I wouldn't have thought, depends how your health is in future though and the reasons you take them. I dont know the detail of what drug/medical history they do/do not allow, you'd have to ask the blood service.
I'm not allowed to give blood here in France because I lived in the UK during the mad cow years. It's a shame, as I'd love to be able to give blood.
That was one of the questions I was asked. I passed that with flying colours even though unknown to her I am possible the maddest cow she has ever met lol.
Aww it is a shame as there is always a need for blood but I guess they need to make sure they dont make you ill in the process.

I try and give blood every 16 weeks but hard fitting in around work and family life. I wish one of those donor buses came to my work it would be much easier!


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Interesting thread.

I've never given blood - I'm too much of a wimp and i HATE needles!

However, my little girl was admitted to hospital a few weeks ago, and the first thing that they mentioned giving her was a blood transfusion :S

Of course there are the usual umm's and ahh's, but if it was going to save her life, then we'd give our permission.

It never happened as she slowly recovered, however those two words: blood.transfusion. aren't half a shocker.

Afterwards, when i finally did have time to think, I realised what a fantastic thing the blood service is and how much good it does. To think that 1 selfless person sitting for however long and giving some blood could have been the thing that saved her life! WOW!!

I think blood donors are fantastic people, and from now on will be giving blood at every given opportunity!

I don't care that they use a needle, or that it might hurt me a bit. I care that it might save somebody elses life. Somebody else's child, parent, sibling etc.
To think that 1 selfless person sitting for however long and giving some blood could have been the thing that saved her life! WOW!!
Only takes a few mins selwonk - AND you get free chocolate :D

I owe my life to people who have donated half an hour of their time and a pint of their blood. :) I just wish they'd let me give some of it back now :(
I try to give blood however not actually managed to give that many times due to tattoos and piercings plus last time I went they wouldn't let me as I was on iron tablets. Was well pissed off as they gave me a 12 month suspension (now down to 6 months after some persuasion).
Also I have a friend who has the rarest blood group and is a universal receiver (can have anyone's blood). Because his blood is so rare they asked him not to donate.
I had to have a blood transfusion in the early 70s after having a C-Section. My OH started to give blood regularly after that and still does when he can. Unfortunately I can't give blood myself because of the medication I'm on.

I'll always be grateful to the person who donated their blood and saved my life.

I can't give blood as I have all three types of anaemia, in fact I think I've got Ribena in my veins!

It annoys me that my hubby won't.
I started giving blood after my older sister needed a transfusion after giving birth and would have died without one.

It takes me about 40 mins start to finish and that includes filling in forms, the finger prick test to check your blood count, giving blood and having a drink and snack afterwards.

I'm AB+ which is not the rarest but fairly rare so feel I should do it. I am working on getting hubby to do it too. He has signed up to the donor register and says he will give blood just need him to actually do it lol.

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