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Blood Pressure Reading every 4 weeks


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Ok how many of you truthfully go and get this done and go by the book, i have only done it once. A friend of mine did it once too and another has never done it and was on it for 22 weeks.

So im curious and lets all list our BP on here so we can keep a track ourselves and be healthy
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I haven't been yet - only on day 13 so not due yet. It's funny because I've been wondering about this (worrying slightly actually).

I didn't need to get a docs form signed before I started because the LLC just transferred by medical records from my old LLC. That was up in Edinburgh and a completely different medical practice. I'm a bit worried when I go for my first one that my current surgery will object and not sign the form.

BTW, last time I went every 4 weeks without fail and it was fantastic to see the nurse's face every month when she saw the changes in me. I was just as sad to leave her when I left Edinburgh :(
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I had mine done on week 6 and it was 126/95. When I started it was 120/70 so it's gone up a little.
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My was 140/80 which was a little high for me (was nervous that something would go wrong & they'd say I couldn't do it!).
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My llc won't sell us the packs unless we get it done every 4 weeks on the nose, I'm glad though as I really do want to make sure I'm healthy all through this.

Emma xXx


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always get mine done but usually get the remider too late to get it done on time.

First reading was 135/80 and since then it's gone down a little each time, with the last being 120/70 I think.


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Last time mine was done just before Christmas it was almost perfect (don't know what that is, but thats all nurse said.)

Which is pretty lucky for a long time smoker classed as obese!

Will be getting mine done on the dot of 28 days though - apparently Tesco pharmacy do it now, so will pop in on lunch breaks!
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Similar to Andy in that I've had mine done regularly, if a little late. Was 130/80 when I started I think, and last time it was 110/70. Pulse was 69, previously 90-something!

Feel better knowing that I'm being monitored, so I say get your blood pressure done regularly, after all, LL request if every four weeks, so there must be a reason for their request.


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No idea what mine is at the moment- I never remember... but I've always gone on time - apart from over Christmas where me and my LLC got in a muddle and I had a six week gap instead of four...

If I don't go in the right week - or have a good explanation and make plans to go asap - my LLC will not have me continue on the programme... no LLC should - they need the reassurance everything is ok - if something goes wrong blood pressure wise, they/the diet could be held responsible. Not worth missing them - even if your LLC doesn't remind you (WHICH THEY SHOULD!!) - you should take the initiative... it's your health after all, not their's!

(I had one REALLY low week, verging on hypo - if that's the right term - and was advised to have a couple of milk days to bring it back up... which was fine and sorted me out - without the check up I wouldn't have known) x
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Wow, love that new siggy pic Anna!!

I agree totally with all you said - H definitely take the initiative and make sure you are getting regular checks. I know from speaking to others in my group that some of them haven't had the checks, and haven't been asked to do so. It's easy for me because I work in a hospital, but I'd do it anyway. After all, I have four kids that I need to ensure I'm healthy for!!

Yes I've had mine done regularly too. After the practice nurse initially told me I was off her BMI scale and by rights shouldn't be there!!
Now she thinks she's my best friend and wants to check everything.
I have an underactive thyroid and take thyroxine, however I'm only just in the range of needing it now.
All my readings are normal and have reduced.
Glucose,thyroid, blood pressure and cholesterol.
They aare very happy with me at the practice and after being reluctant to sign my form initially the GP and the nurse now recommend LL to other patients,
Result !!!
I agree - I'm happy to have my BP checked just to make sure all's good. Our LLC said this Thursday that there's going to be an audit in February (I guess randomly or in certain regions) and LLC's will be in serious trouble if not getting the BP checks returned.

Poppysparkle - wow what a difference!
I didn't get a GP/Nurse appointment that suited me in time so my first one was at almost 6 weeks, but made sure I went on week 10 and will be going again on week 14 as well.

No idea what my BP or Pulse readings are, all I know is that my first checkup prior to starting LL they were both in the normal healthy range, and still are :)

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