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Bloomin periods ladies?!!!


I`m now starting my second attempt at WW! I only lost half a stone last time and it`s all gone back on!

I need to do this as I had a tummy tuck 3 years ago and although my stomach is relatively flat it is starting to stick out just under my bust! I weigh a stone and a half heavier since my op and my downfall has been my periods as I can`t seem to control what I eat leading up to them! Plus they make me feel so depressed that I eat for comfort!

Anyone out there struggling? :wave_cry:

Tanya xx :flirt2:
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my monthly craziness seems to be subdued with dark chocolate. i buy a good quality, organic dark chocolate bar and then suck slowly on each piece. one or two pieces a night does the trick and i don't feel so depressed, nor do i feel like snacking as much. just a suggestion that might be worth a try.


running strictly on fat!
I know how it feels as I used to have a very bad periods.
But since I am on pill it makes such a big diffrence.
Even now when I am single - I don't want to stop taking the pill cause it is saving my life month after month after month.
Still get my temporary weight gain each month but I can deal with it with no probs.
Maybe you should consider it yourself x
Urgh I hate periods. Sometimes I turn into a complete monster around PMT time (er.. like this time.. though it's not often that bad) when I do I just cannot control myself around chocolate. So much so that I bought a few christmas boxes of chocolates for people but nope couldn't control myself :(. Any other time no probs.

I would like a solution as well!
Hey, I`m not going to use periods as an excuse for my weight anymore. I have just had a coil fitted so my periods should stop pretty soon!
I gained half a stone over xmas/new year so I`ve really got to pull my finger out!
Before xmas I managed to lose 5lbs in 2 weeks just by having 3 meals a day and shrinking my portions. Anyone else managed to do this? I can`t be doing with counting stuff it does my head in!

Tanya x


Losing the mummy fat
There horible, one of the things I hate about being a woman!
I get horrible pains ect so I tend not to eat due to the pain. Im due on wednesday which is my weigh in day :mad:
Ugghhhh yep, aren't they awful!! I just started the pill at the weekend after a break from it for 5 years (had 2 babies and was breastfeeding in between)!!! So hoping it helps!!!!

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