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This is the third week running i've stated i've blown it, but this time i really have!!!!

I was at my friends on satuday night - had about 8 cocktails - that where laiden with spirtis and full fat lemonade and cranberry juice :( and two mini strawberry ciders. :break_diet:

We also had two chicken and salsa wraps and salad - :(

I feel like i've really let myself down big style this time!!!:cry::cry:

To make things worse the hangover breakfast was left over chicken curry - 3 tbsp full with 3 tbsp of fried rice and noodles :cry:

For the rest of yesterday i had two slices of toast and two (half sized mini milks)

I've got my WI on tuesday evening i've so far this week done no exercise at all.

I'm feeling soooo disapointed - had a fab time - but highley regreting it now.

I know know if i'm to go to a friends for drinks to take a small bottle of vodka with diet lemonade and stick to that!!!

I must say i have to thank my friends, as they where going to cook fish and chips but they knew i was on sw and went for the healther options :)

I also had 4 small glasses of wine on thusday night - but i did syn them. :eek:

I defo expecting a gain, i'm just going to have to stick to the plan 110% this week and exercise my arse off!!!!

Is anyone else struggeling when it comes to booze?

How does every one tackle it???

Sorry to rant :(

Alyce x
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Morning hun.
Dont be too hard on yourself, if your super good this week you may not gain! I was bad last saturday and I still managed to loose 1lb. I was bad this saturday and like you I had wine and cider and all sorts of food but you just have a draw a line under it, dont beat yourself up about it and get back on plan. You cant let one night off ruin your whole week up to weigh in. xxx


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Thanks Sarah - told myself i'm not drinking again - until next time lol
fingers crossed i wont have a huge gain :) x


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lol dont beat ya self up about it whats done is done,get back on track see what the scales say on tuesday then put it behind ya


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Don't stress hun, take a deep breath and draw a line under it. Don't let what you can't change affect what you can. Stay positive!

Natt xxx


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Thanks Natt :) x

miss jelly tot

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Bless I had a bad day yesterday if that helps. I wasn't feeling to good and was stressed and had a seefood diet. Yep I ate everything. I have a WI Wed but cant go now as im sure Im over my 3lb I can play with being at target.
I now have my head in the right place and you sound as if you have too. Start again with me today and stay positive.


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I'm on holiday this week and made the decision to have a blow out last night! I've only just got up! (9.59!) The sun is shining and I'm just going to draw a line and get on with the plan. BUT! I won't do it next weekend! It's ok as a one off, but that's one of the reasons I gained all my weight back and I've come to realise that if I want to lose weight I have to change. You can claw back so much if you stay in control and syn it, otherwise if you don't change, then neither will anything else. Sad but true. It's easy for me, I don't have a social life! I think you have to decide if you really want to commit to the plan. (G*d here I go again! Just call me doomwatch!)


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oh guys thanks for all the support - we can do it!!! :D

All the best for the week ahead guys and good luck to you all for your WI's xx


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Don't get to upset about it otherwise you will drive yourself mad.....just draw a line now and remember what a nice night you had and get back on the Plan, good luck for your WI. X


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:) Thanks Donnie :) xxx


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Good luck Rachella , i've propa stuck to it today - apart from the nick nacks i had 13 syns wooops - but not over 15 :)
Just stick to plan until wed and i'm sure you will be fine sweety.
Let me know how you get on wont you :) x

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