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BLUFIZZ MUCH MEMOIRS #2 (new start!)

Well here I am again :break_diet:
Hello to all the lovley girlies i met here before...il be busy trying to find you lol!

Dont really want to go over whats been happening in my life since last year...just want to move foreward and get back in the driving seat!

Havnt the oomph to go back to SW class so im weighing in at home...il probably weigh in every couple of weeks so theres not the pressure each week to lose a certain amount of lbs ...and so its not all about the "loss" but more about the "healthy food choices" im making.

This time round im using my cothes as a guide....dropping a dress size as my first goal..but cant quite manage to admit what size i am right now lol...

If im honest i prob wont go back to class until im near the weight i got stuck at last time i weighed in there....and realistically if i cant do this by my self or find the right mind set then all thatl happen is il fall off plan again and again and keep going round in circles.

I enjoyed the groups but didnt find i had any support in between meets....i got more support on here to be honest :)

okkk ive waffled enough....

Im still following the veggie based plan with some EE thrown in....but im BORED with food right now....need some inspiration so any recipes would be great!

Wish me luck!
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Have been on plan since wed but will start logging from today...



2x brown toast HE B X1
edam-1oz HE A X1
tomato slices
tom sauce 2 sins
hi lite 2 sins

felt a little sick as dinner was quite late so just had an egg salad-
lettuce/tom/Q /beetroot/red onion
salad cream-extra lite- dessert spoon 1 sin?

maybe bak pot with chiili beans n salad
or sw chips and a veg n chicken kebab n salad????

still felt quite sick managed one kebab with salad..then felt really sick!
Daughter has bad throat..sooo hoping im coming down with it too !

hi lite 2 sins

Walk to shops -carry two heavy bags back..good for the arms lol?? (up hill too on way back!)

Washing to hump up stairs(ive teens so trust me theres loads!)
three bedrooms and stairs to hoover
then hall/lounge/conservatory floor to sweep and wash...ugh too much rushing about today lol

felt i had a good day tho!
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2x choc weetabix - heb x1 + 2 sins
hot milk frtom allowance hea x1
chopped banana-yum!

lrg bowl of home made tom soup-
1x tin chopped toms
1x tin carrots -drained
1x tin baked beans
i pickled onion
blend til smooth then heat with
hot chicken stock+seasoning to taste
(i simmer for 20 mins then add
artificial sweetener to taste)
would also be lush with fresh fine chopped basil added towards end too!

made some sw chips-id forgottwen how yum they are!
eggs/mushy peas

apple and satsuma
hi lite 2 sins

Quite a light day sins/he's wise but i really dont see the point in eating unless im hungry or using all my sins for treats etc when i dont really want anything

feel bit light headed n sick today-lack of diet coke im sure lol....so had easy day today im afraid-on and off laptop in between washing/sorting through wardrobes/playing with kids n browsing online recipes in readiness for next week

Dont feel guilty cos i walk to and from school anything up to 6 times a day-30 mins each time there and 30 mins each time back and walk to and from shops several times a week....

am aiming to use my wii fit/ trampet/air walker soon tho...just need to check with doc re an knee injury and maybe lose a few lbs first to lessen the overall "bounce" factor haha

Had huge wardrobe re-shuffle...i tried everything on and was quite shocked by what doesnt fit me at the mo!!!.....bit of a reality check but deffo needed to get my head out of the sand once and for all....
Ive folded everything that is tight or isnt fitting me at bottom of wardrobe and im now reduced to
1x pair of combats
1x pair bootleg trousers
1xpair of jeans
3 loose tops
oh and two tops i wore when at my biggest-which i just cant bring myself to wear but are a good reminder to myself what i was like and would be agiain if i dont get a grip lol...thank god its winter and ive got a long coat haha!
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Monday 10th January 2011

porridge heb x1
hot milk n sweetener hea x1

bak pot
chilli beans
salad cream 2 sins

warmed upleft over tom soup with added basil then mixed with hot cooked pasta shapes-well will be when i get round to cooking it! lol

hi lite 2 sins
curly wurly 6 sins?

walk to and from school-an hour
walk to shops and back- 40 mins
back up to school at 3pm and back home-an hour
probs with knee/toe eased but prob with suspected heel spur/tendon probs flared up big time....must get on top of my stretching exercises!! :(

All in all a good day all round-well part from my two little ones not being well and keeping me up at night

Good day so far-resisted the cakes my little ones made with big sister...can smell the choccie on them avery time i go in kitchen but really not bothered bout them-il stick to my hi-lites lol

porridge heb x1
hot milk hea x1

mid morning-
bowl left over pasta from last night

sw chips n egg n beans
tom sauce 2 sins

salmon n prawn in seafood sauce 2.5 sins
egg noodles
steamed veggies

huge bowl of fresh berries/banana/apple

hi lite 2 sins

walking to and from school...only 4 times today as littlest one not in nursery this week
Did walk to and from shops tho...in the wind-up hill back home with a buggy lol...
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Wed 12th january 2011

Weather awful so anticipating a rotten day getting wet and feeling rotten so have made sure ive loads of fruit in to snack on when the low mood hits lol

Found today a little hard..felt a bit weary..but prob just the weather...i know i could easily have fell off plan..but i just reminded myself that i was making the choices..and if i wanted chocloate or a glass of wine i could have it-no ones saying i cant....think i need to be a little more organised food wise..cook ahead etc...

2x choc weetabix heb x1 +2 sins
hot milk hea x1
...ive really tried to like these cos i thought the chocloate hit would be good but i find them quite bitter and sickly....and they give me indigestion! :confused:..so last day il be having them....back to the plain ones lol

bak pot
bbq beans
mixed salad
s/c light 2 sins? (desert spoon)

hi lite 2 sins

2x toast heb x1
edam hea x1
tom sauce 2 sins

huge bowl of berries/apple/banana
hi lite 2 sins

not a vast amount of food today but still have blasted indigestion :( and i cant eat when i feel like that

rain again lol...and soooo windy out!
walk to school x4...walk to shops x2...littlest one not qell so used buggy....and went up the steepest hills i could lol...its surprising how it works my thighs n arms..

realise im not doing any structured exercise but its better than nothing at all...and its all i did last yr when i lost over 3 stone....so i cant wait til i can do more and then see if it really makes a big difference to my weight loss/body tone and mood

2x weetabix heb x1
milk hea x1

hi lite 2 sins

2x toast heb x1
beans/scrambled egg
tom sauce 2 sins

edam 1oz hea x1

bowl fresh fruit salad

ww belg'choc' brownie 4.5 sins
hi lite 2 sins

Didnt feel too hungry today and felt quite tired..think my body must be wondering where all the diet cokes gone lol...

read an article about "metabolic syndrome" which reckons too much of diet drinks ie diet coke..can lead to type 2 diabetes and make you crave sweet things! ..well i dont like how bloated n sick it makes me feel now so ive given it up :)

looking forward to wi tomorrow :D


WI this morning and what a shock :eek: :D
lost 6lb!! Ive never lost that amount after a "first week" before but im certainly not complaining lol...i wonder if the fact ive tried to keep below 10 sins a day and upped my fruit intake has anything to do with it....
Either way i feel really good about myself-first time i have in a very long time...and ive done it without a group or support at home..just me and this diary and chats with people in here :D

ok..nuff self appreciation lol...

ran out of milk so just grabbed a banana before the school-walk
Then when got back had-
2x toast heb x1
tinned spaghetti

tom sauce 2 sins
hi lite 2 sins

going to make some speed soup...
ended up having some spicey veg rice and a fruit salad

hadnt shopped earlier so had to go out and was sooo tired and felt so miserable.....struggled when i got back and just wanted something sweet..

ended up having spag and mushrooms
light phili which i think is a heb on green...

2x ww choc slice things 9 sins

hopefully after a good nights sleep il feel better..havnt slept so well as little ones keep me awake cos theyre not well

* Now ive given up my diet coke addiction i really must make sure i up my water intake
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:) thanks..lol....your welcome anytime :D

dunno why but yesterday was quite hard early evening....i said i wasnt going to have a "well done treat" after wi but i think i might make sure ive eaten sin-light all day and have a curly wurly lol...im sure the low i felt was that nasty-evil-destructive-voice in my head begining toi whisper again..trying to convince me i dont need to loose weight to feel good-just bad food lol....but im having none of it this time round....im going to soend this weekend cooking and freezing some meals...then ive no excuse to feel the need to grab the nearest cr***y food :rolleyes:


Breakkfast today was-
2x toast heb x1
tom sauce 2 sins

light philli 30g-47 kcals= 2.5 sins?
(i hope lol)

changed my mind twice lololol
now about to eat a chicken n veg kebab/sw chips/salad/pitta
pinapple/strawberries/nat yog

kitkat-small...sins? will find them later
hi lite 2 sins
pitta sins?
mayo sins?
tom sauce 2 sins

ran out of fruit today-hence none listed so might have to trot down to the shops if ive time...got too many irons in the fire today lol..cooking and tidying the lounge/toys etc so might have to leave it.

well been in house all day so far.....moving furniture round and running in and out of kitchen...hardly strenuous but least im moving i guess :confused:
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