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Blummin Weekends

OH bugger it!! :ashamed0005:

I've blummin gawn and done a bad thing. Aren't weekends terrible for causing a hic up in our well laid plans.
I've had a great week and now today I have gone and messed it up.

Does anyone one else struggle on a weekend when we are out of a normal routine and our bf's or hubby's are around???:sign0163:
I wanted to go to the gym last night and couldn't as I had to do the school run for my bf's kiddies, then take them riding, cook tea and after that my admin for work by which time it was 9:30pm.
Then today I wanted to get to the gym but ended up being taxi service to kiddies, taking to cinema, dropping bf at pub for our pal's 40th, picking up from cinema, dropping at friends house etc picking up bf from pub. In the mean time a ate some peanuts :eek: (don't know why) and half a battered piece of cod :whoopass: WHY OH WHY OH WHY????? On the positive side I suppose I ignored all the party food and drink at the pub and didn't give in to the chips. But it will still have set me back some what no doubt.
Looks like I'll be doing 2 hours cardio tomorrow before my breakfast shake to burn off the glycogen. :innocent0001:
Please tell me I'm no alone :wave_cry:
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