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bmi confused???????

I would go with ur ticker an NHS website I think they are def right which means you are not obese! Just overweight :D cool eh? lol xox
i know its fab isnt it, no dis respect to my pharmacist she is really nice but not very clued up she didnt know how many lbs in a stone or that lbs was short for pounds! she had to ask me. the nhs must know what their on about x
omg - that is so weird that she didnt even know these basic things?? hmm.... xox
when i went in in May to enquire they said they were new to LT and i think im the only one doing it there x
thanks Gaz just tried that one its coming out at 29.6 to x


Lovin' those ketones!!
Hey Gaz - I don't like that BMI calculator - it said that my height was too low for my age and insisted that I must be 11 years old!!!! :eek:

Cheeky bloody thing!!
Bless you Maria! How tall are you?

Great site Gaz. It did tell me I was obese but then I knew that!



Lovin' those ketones!!
Hiya Cuddly! :D

To be fair, I am only 4" 8'...

But then, so was Edith Piaf! :p
(you've gotta be feisty when you're little!)

Bloody heightist BMI calculator...! ;)

Maria, they say the best things come in small packages.

If you want to work out your BMI yourself then you need your height in metres (4'8" is about 1.42m) and your weight in kg. Divide your weight in kg by your height times itself (2.0164).

Hope that helps.


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