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Well I am nearly overweight! Can anyone tell me which figure is overweight is it 30 or 29 as websites vary! I am over 30 still so i know i'm still classed as obese. I'm am worried about stuff at the moment so kinda using all this as a distraction and just want to say thank you for all the posts I get to read really gives me something else!! thanks Lipotrimmers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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well the ticker thing your using is very accurate..ive looked on another couple websites and they all say the same so id go with that :)

h x
Bloody Meaningless Info.
I'm not convinced by it


weighs a lot less
im with you fattothin everyone is structurally different so how can they put us all in the same bmi(im big boned) lol
I too am big boned:D:D:D:Dx


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G: 68kg
lol yeah yeah
I actually really like using my BMi. Im 5ft 9 so never going to be really light, all my friends are quite small so all about 8st ish!! Its hard not to feel really overweight next to them but if we compare BMI we are usually similar (ok before i was 15st!!) x


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I don't think much of BMI either, apparently according to the standard BMI, Brad Pitt is overweight and George Clooney is obese!

I heard that the overweight and obese levels on BMI have been made lower to scare people in recent years!


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it's just a guide. easy to obssess over i know, but its how you look that matters.
doctors use many factors, not just height and weight. apparantly i would be unhealthy if i was a normal weight according my doc. but according to ww i wont be good enough till i'm a normal bmi.
its all just designed to add even more woes if you ask me.

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