Body brushing!

Discussion in 'Nutrition, Health & Beauty' started by sweetpink, 22 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. sweetpink

    sweetpink Well-Known Member

    Does anyone here dry body brush? Mine came in the post today and when I used it my skin felt amazing afterwards. I bought mine to try and minimise my cellulite. Has it worked for you? xx
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  3. becki2009

    becki2009 Well-Known Member

    How are you getting on with body brushing?
  4. Mamacandoit

    Mamacandoit Well-Known Member

    I've always been curious about dry brushing.

    do you follow a specific sequence?
  5. RedOnion

    RedOnion Well-Known Member

    Never done it, but I will google it to find instructions, I may do it, if I will find it easy to do.
  6. sweetpink

    sweetpink Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, late reply but anyway... I carried on with my body brushing for a few weeks but found out I was pregnant so couldn't carry on so I can't give a proper review on it, alls I can say is for the few weeks I was doing it for my stretch marks faded a little, I think if I'd have carried on they'd have disappeared altogether, I'm getting a few more during my pregnancy so Im going to start using it again once my baby girl is here.

  7. RedOnion

    RedOnion Well-Known Member

    ^Thanks for the update and congratz for the pregnancy.
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