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body changes


I can haz cake?


I can haz cake?
i've just realised that I can actually now reach the plugs on the back wall of my desk.. i couldnt before!! Now i can pull my chair in further.

Not only that but i can pull myself in tight to the desk and it doesnt cause any pain. Think that may have been an ibs symptom but its lovely to be gone! ^_^;
My face and my stomach have definitely gone down a lot. I definitely see less fat on my face.


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Smallerme - my boyfriend says Ive lost off my face but I can't see it- I'll tale what I can get lol

It feels great doesn't it?
I remember the first time I slimmed down with WW I suddenly realised that something had changed when I went to buy a new bra and my boobs would fit into a cup B... also sometimes looking by accident in the mirror without expecting it I would think that I had skinnier legs and then return to the mirror in disbelief... just to have another look at it and make sure I wasn't fooling myself!

Very recently though (last week) I was looking in the mirror and noticed that the top part of my stomach has gone completely flat. If I could just ignore the central small roll that is left, I would have a perfect tummy...

Of course I can't ignore that and I need to work harder at getting rid of that stubborn last layer of fat left, but it's nice to see that my hard work is paying off! My arms don't look as "bingo-winged" as before also... I just wish I had more time before my wedding to have them toned in full... unfortunately only 2 weeks left! But I'll look well anyway in my size 6 dress :) so I'm not too concerned! After all at the latest BGT I noticed that Amanda Holden's arms are a bit bingo-winged too, and she's a celebrity!


I can haz cake?
ohh a celebrity with bingo wings... i never :p part of me will be slightly disappointed when my boobs get smaller... but there are far far far too many benefits. I really CANNOT wait to say goodbye to evans clothes... they really suck!

Size 6 dress... wowser. Thats a lotta dress sizes you've ditched! What a star x


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My BF keeps telling me I look slimmer (He never saw me at my fattest, he's going on the 8.5lb I've lost since being with him!) and I'm feeling it, especially on my waist, and last night I put my hand on my hip and grabbed and there was much less fat there! Well happy. When I get around the upper to mid 12st my body changes rapidly, so once I get to the lower 12s I'm really excited to see how it changes from then.

My pictures in my album show exactly how much my face has changed, if anyone wants to see :p


Overweight or undertall?!
isn't is weird how we want everything to shrink except our boobs, i love my 38d's :banana dancer:


x It's my year to shine x

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