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Hi All.. just got a quick question for ya :D Opinions appreciated...I was looking at this Body Frame Calculator which determines your ideal weight based on height and body frame size..

Ideal Body Weight Calculator -

Now I set myself a target of hitting 145lbs which would give me a nice average 22.7 BMI (according to Calculate your BMI - Standard BMI Calculator)

When I put in my target weight of 145 into the body frame calculator (i am medium frame apparantly) it tells me that this would leave me underweight.. not healthy weight :S And that I should be between 148 - 162.8 lbs (the high end of that range putting me in BMI 25+ so overweight according to BMI rules :S)

So I was wondering what exactly should I be following here.. should I be following the BMI tables so stick with my 22.7 BMI.. or should I be following body frame size ideal weight range which would make me in the higher BMI range (23-26)

What is more accurate way or determining what my ideal weight is? BMI or Body Frame? Thoughts on this topic appreciated

Take Care xx
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I actually made a post about this calculator recently, and we were talking about how neither that nor BMI is perfect really. According to that calculator I should weigh between 160 and 178lbs which puts be just over a BMI of 25. But you can't really use BMI as the be all and end all, there are too many things it doesn't take into consideration such as frame, muscle etc. So personally I would set yourself the goal of the higher one, and then see how you feel when you get there and whether you think you could lose the extra or whether it feels right for your body. Is completely up to you really!


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I'm apparently underweight on all 3 frames - according to this I could be anything up to 14 stones which is not what I want to go back to, so it seems a bit high. I think you have to use your own judgement to a degree as age plays a part - there comes a time when you have to choose between your a*se and your face after a certain age, and also people carry weight differently, even BMI should only be used as a gauge rather than a definitive answer


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Yeah. I agree. Don't worry too much. You'll probably know what's right for you when you get there. Besides, many doctors (including my own) take more notice of waist size for health rather than BMI. Apple shapes more at risk and all that.

Having said that, the BMI heathy range (usually 20 to 25..depending where you look :D) is a very wide range. So personally, ignoring the apple vs pears shape thing, I would say a small frame would probably go nearer the BMI20 and the larger frame closer to the BMI25.

Unless you are a body builder, or rugby player the healthy BMI range suits quite well.