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Body Magic ideas?

When I started Slimming World I was really strict with Body Magic going swimming, for walks and using the wii fit. However, this lasted about a month and has dwindled down to nothing since then. It hasn't really affected my losses so not bothered me too muc but now I've finished college I've got so much time I figure I may as well invest it in getting fit.

What do you guys do for yours? Any tips?
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I've just started couch 2 10k. Plus I walk my dog a lot.
I do body pump, kettlebells and zumba.

Thinking of starting to run again and also gonna give kinesis a go


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I vaxed me carpets yesterday, vax playing up so I was on me hands and knees with a scrubbing brush... I swear I am a couple of pounds lighter today. Not a fun way to get active but hey, if it works. :)
I bought biggest loser workout for Kinect last week, it sets a program depending how active you want it to do and what bit of ur body you want to work. its amazing and you do a video diary so you can see the differences with your body. I also do zumba on the Kinect which is AMAZING. but for me walking the dog is the easiest!
I really need to 'up' my body magic too. Like you I started off with all good intentions and was training to do the London Moonwalk was so fitting in plenty of walking. However, after I had done it, the training stopped and my activity has just dwindled down to nothing again.

My OH has started swimming so I have tried to go with him once a week. Other than that I am not really doing much else. I always feel too tired but I think one reason for this is because Im not doing enough exercise! :sigh: Its a catch 22!


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I find exercise classes motivating, I do body step and body attack with a few body balance classes and I swim !

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I love my wiifit,I do 30 mins most days. I have just Dance and Zumba too,I do them Kessler regular,as I'm sad and like the fact my piggy bank is on 44 hours and counting x
I walk the dog too when I can.


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Great for the busy or lazy person :)
20 mins 3 x a week = results


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In my opinion the best exercise going ;)
Basically it's a ball with a handle on it which through various exercises challenges cardio and shapes your body like nothing else I have seen or tried
It's a strength type routine so burns calories longer after you have finished working out as well as developing muscle tone
Zumba and circuit training classes each week, although my new job is going to come with the benefit of 0.5 mile walk to and from the train station at each end, adding up to 10 miles a week that I can't avoid :)


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I go between zumba on the wii and my taboe dvd. I also make sure I go for a walk for at least 30mins daily. Only been doing this for the past 2 weeks, So not seeing results as yet. I hope I do tho before I give up as I have a bad habit of doing so when I don't see things happening quickly. I'm a I wanted it yesterday type of girl lol x

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