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Body Optomise interface


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Hi - can anyone tell me please whether the Body Optimise interface is the same as you get with a class password. I find class boring and I am normally tired after work too and I keep finding excuses not to go so I thought I might as well do it online and keep the use of those tools rather than just go it alone.
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I use bodyOptimise but cannot tell you if it is the same as the group members site as I don't have access!

On-line I have a food diary, syns online, syns calculator, recipe search, fit log, fit challenges, all the backdated articles, FAQs and plenty more. I also have a progress page with all my weight stats, graph, awards and monthly photos that I have uploaded

Don't know if this is same/more/less than the group members site. I am a big fan of using on-line, but others prefer classes. I always found classes a hassle, and because I work away a lot I could never commit so on-line is perfect for me.

If you have any other questions, just shout



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Thanks Cocktailprincess. You get a diary, syns online and syns calculator with class so I would assume they are probably the same. I can't see them going to the expense of designing two. Sounds like you get extra stuff too. It says that you get weekly support. Does someone email you personally to see how you are getting on? Is there a contact if you have any questions? Finally does the day you sign up become your weigh in day or can you pick that? Cheers! X
Hi Mate

No- you get no personal support- I get an e-mail once a week which is a generic reminder to WI. The day I signed up was on a Monday so that is the day I get my reminder, but because I work away a lot I can't always WI on a Monday so just WI whenever I get back - not sure if you can 'officially' change your WI day- I just do it when I can.

It is all pretty system generated, but occasionally I have been stuck with something and have used the 'contact us' details and got a response from an actual person within a day or so.

I am also on the website! Check out the link on my signature below! Can't complain about it seeing as I am on there, can I?

Keep asking if you need any extra info


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