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Body Pump??


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Body pump is fantastic, you burn on average 900calories per hour session. I know that seems a bit far fetched but it is because of the weights.
I haven't done a pump class for about 6months but i can tell you it does get your heart going but is less intense than a step or spin class yet burns more calories.
I used to do 2 classes a week and lasted for about 6months and the change in my shape was incredible. Well worth a try and it's for all levels.
Sadly i didn't stick to a regime and have put back on any weight i lost but will def take it up again.
It's an aerobics class using dumbells and weights. It's not faced paced, but you really do get out of it what you put in.

I prefer Body Combat as I like to pretend to be karate chopping all those loser men who have passed through my life :D
Body Training Systems


The overall objective of a BODYPUMP™ class is to improve strength and endurance in the major muscle groups and, in doing so, burn calories.
Each of the tracks has a specific training objective and is purposely sequenced for maximum effect.

The standard length of each class is 10 tracks and 60 minutes. An optional 45-minute, eight-track format is also available, omitting the triceps and biceps tracks.
Track names and training objectives are as follows:
1. Warmup

The opening track is designed to warm up all the major muscles and prepare the body for the workout ahead. First we adopt the BODYPUMP™ set position of standing upright with great posture, heels under hips with the toes turned out slightly. The tummy is held in tight, the chest is proud with the shoulders down and back and knees are soft… Then we do shortened versions of each of the main exercises to follow, warming up all the major muscle groups and preparing the body for the workout ahead.
2. Legs/squats

The first real working track targets the biggest muscle groups of quadriceps, gluteals and hamstrings with squats performed at different speeds – slow for strengthening and toning, fast for burning calories. Participants will use their heaviest weight selection for this track.
3. Chest

The focus changes from legs to the upper body and lighter weights are used as participants lie back on their bench to work the barbell up and down at chest level. This track targets the major muscles of the chest, shoulders and triceps with moves of varying range and intensity.
4. Back

Participants return to the standing set position for the most athletic track of the class. A selection of lifts and deadrows trains the postural muscles of the upper-mid and lower back and the cardio-vascular system soars with clean and presses, where the barbell is lifted high above the head. This engages all the muscles of the upper-mid and lower back, as well as working the gluteals and hamstrings.
5. Triceps

Time to lie back on the bench again and sculpt and tone the triceps using lighter weights. The barbell is held at chest level and lowered toward the forehead or chest by bending the arms at the elbow. Other moves may include tricep kickbacks using a single plate, tricep push-ups and tricep dips.

6. Biceps

Similar of slightly lighter weights are used to isolate and train the biceps with a succession of lifts and curls.

7. Lunges

Weights are optional in the lunge track, which revisits and trains multiple leg muscles by extending one leg forward (on or off the bench) and dropping the back knee towards the floor.

8. Shoulders

Barbells and single, hand-held plates are used in this track to work all areas of the deltoids in a range of different ways. Exercises can include lateral raises with plates, upright rows, rotator and overhead presses – and the ever-faithful push-ups.

9. Abdominals

The last working track is focused on all areas of the body’s core, relying heavily on the use of sit-ups and leg raises, with bodyweight ‘hovers’ and ‘planks’ also frequently incorporated. Single plates may be placed on the chest or lifted overhead to increase the work-load.

10. Cooldown

Soothing music is usually used to accompany a final sequence of stretches to complete the workout and help reduce any risk of muscle soreness or injury.
I used to do Spin class, then go straight on to do 1 hour Body Pump then go on to do 1 hour Body Combat. Body pump isn't so cardio vascular, it's more about core strength.

Body Pump is a trademark name, so it may be called something else.
Be warned you will ache like no one's business the next day. :D


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I am definitely going to check with my gym to see if they do this, it sounds fab!


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I really like Body Pump but I think you need to do it 3 times per week to see a difference.

My friend and I started going at the same time, I (as per usual) fell by the wayside after a few weeks, but she really went for it, and did an hour's body combat followed by an hour's body pump x 3 per week, and by God, she looks bloody stunning now!!! I wish I had her willpower!

I have to say, the hour goes really quickly too - I can't explain why - I think it might be because you know that although you're in agony, it will only be for a few minutes, and then it will move to some other body part. I hate the lunge tracks though I just cannot balance properly, I just end up doing squats.
You can start off light - my first bodybump I just used the bar - no added weights!! You work to your own pace and you'd be surprised how quickly you can build it up. Would recomend a technique class first

Now I love love love Bodypump (although my answer would be very different and full of expletives if you asked in the middle of the lunge track)



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I used to do Spin class, then go straight on to do 1 hour Body Pump then go on to do 1 hour Body Combat. Body pump isn't so cardio vascular, it's more about core strength.

Body Pump is a trademark name, so it may be called something else.
Thanks for the info. on body pump. I did a class called 'totally tone' yesterday, and it went in the sequence just as you described. Coincindentally, I went straight from a Spinning class into it as well..

Be warned you will ache like no one's business the next day. :D
Are you telling me?! Today I am aching all over. Even walking and sitting down I can feel it! But I feel real good about it and I'm going back for more -:eek::p;)


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I really want to start bodypump!! But don't know if I should whilst on LL because of the supposed amount of calories burnt per session being larger than my calorie intake. Any suggestions?


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You really don't burn 900 calories noone does not even the instructors who i have checked with i wear a rate monitor and burn between 3 and 400 calories in a 60 minute session and i'm a lot heavier than some of you guys i'm sure i also lift quite heavy weights.

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