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Boiled Sweets - For Flying

Hello All...

Well I'm heading off to Greece on hols tomorrow for 2 weeks (planning to stick to LL as far as possible!!..in other words til I feel I can't go a 2 week holiday without a drink!!...my LLC has put the fear of god into me that I'll pile weight on if I as much as have a couple!!! :sigh:)

Anyway...for flying...I usually have boiled sweets for the plane (to help with taking off/landing and my ears popping etc).

Any ideas on boiled sweets I could have which won't affect Ketosis or do me too much damage?

Not sure I could do a flight without...

Thanks :)
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Hi scotsnat38!

I think your best bet would be to go for something with as little sugar as possible. Sugar free Polos perhaps? Or a sugar free Chupa Chup lolly? Both should be easy to get hold of at the airport!
Alternatively, if you have any time to pop to the supermarket before you go, you could try looking for the sweets that are suitable for diabetics?

If you think you can try going without the sweets, there are really good ear plugs called 'Earplanes', which you can get in most chemists (I got mine from Boots) and only cost around £5. You have to put them in your ear an hour before landing though - so you might have to shout for a while!!

Anyway, just a few ideas! Am very jealous of you going away on holiday - I don't think I can remember what it's like to be somewhere sunny, lol! :)

Thanks Bex - a sugar free Chupa Chup lolly or sugar free polos were the 2 things I thought of too so think I'll just go with one of those...surely it won't do much harm.



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asda do their own version of sugar free boiled sweets. they r quite nice too.
Without wanting to rain on your (sugarfree) parade, I think the only reason boiled sweets are recommended is that it makes you swallow, which in turn un-pops your ears. You could just have water and keep drinking. Less fun admittedly!


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I have terrible trouble with blocked ears and changing pressure. I read a tip somewhere that using a decongestant inhaler really helps. Now I always take my vicks inhaler with me and sniff it all the time while ascending and descending. It has made such a difference.
ooo thats interesting. yesterday i bought a tin of cherry drops for our flight to usa but now i guess i have no excuse to have them. :rolleyes: dunno whether to thank u or curse u now lol. ah well...ketosis is safe for the flight, at least. thanks xxxxxx


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drink water and pinch your nose and blow so to speak to pop ears xx

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