Bollo*ks - what's the damage from this cheat ?


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I was making up some dinner for my little girl, and I do batch cooking for her as it's just easier when it comes to meals times for her.

Thing is I forgot completely about being on Lipotrim when I was making it up, and I was tasting things as I was making all the different meals.

Thankfully it was all vegetables and fish. But I think a generous guesstimate would have been about 2 -3 tablespoons of veggie mix (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato and cod) have I just buggered up going into ketosis ?

Not sure how I'm going to get round this now with cooking up dinners for little one as obviously I want to make sure it tastes ok when I cook stuff up, guess I'll just have to taste and (as gross as it sounds) spit it out ?
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You should be ok, veggies are protein and therefore generally wont take you out of ketosis. Plus you only had a few spoons, you'll be fine xxx


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hey sweetie, i know i nearly did that the other day but jst remembered. think the sweet potato could be a problem but dont really know tbh. i think the best thing to do is just to carry on. also i dont know if its wise to put in and spit out?as you may still conserve some of it?? best of luck xx


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You should be fine because its only a litte bit...

Why do you have to taste something that you already know what its going to taste like?

Putting it in your mouth and spitting it out would be fine but it will make this diet a heck of alot harder for you..

its gonna be so hard to actually spit it out.. and put the flavours in your mouth is gonna cause cravings and having tasted it will make it so much worse.. thats the point of LT being bland.. so your not tasting things..

a) to reduce cravings
b) so that when you come off LT your tastebuds will have changed and all the healthy things will taste amazing again!


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Sorry Kate but it's not OK to taste food exactly for the reasons Chelly says. The amount is not that significant - you shouldn't experience any flavours other than the ones permitted in the rules. This is a tough diet and is TOTAL food replacement. Try to stick to it if you can, but if not there are lots of alternatives that might be easier for you. I know I would have found it very hard (if not impossible) to be preparing food for anyone else especially in the early days.

I am criticised for being insensitive on this board but I am just trying to be honest with you about the diet you've chosen. I really hope you can get back on the wagon, but you must make sure that LT suits you 100%.

Good luck



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Thanks for the replies :)

Dunlop I didnt see your reply as insensitive at all, just straight speaking, which I think is quite often the best way :)

On the question does the food have to be tasted ? Well yes, I'm not going to cook up some food for little one without making sure it tastes ok/right, but if doing that is a no no then hubby can do the tasting from now on, I just momentarialy forgot when I was cooking it all up. :eek:


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Hi i will probably be the only one to say this and get a beating for it...
I cooked for a little one last time i did LT and i tasted it and spat it out, i was absolutely fine. I understand about having to taste it to check for your little one. I use to rinse my mouth out with water after each taste, YES it is hard and NO it's not ideal to do BUT sometimes things have to be done. Just my opinion! It didn't effect my weight loss or make me crave but i was very determind to get rid of my weight so that made a huge difference. Good luck.


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I think it's all been said, but I just wanted to add I agree it's hard, I have twins age 8 and still "tasted" their food until I started this diet, I've been on it a week now, and guess what they haven't complained about anything, despite it not been "tasted" lol

Good luck,


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Hey, just thought id post as im in the same situation with my two year old. But like you said you could always get your husband to taste it, solution solved! :)


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PHEW...what a dilemma, and I dont have kids, so cant really comment at all.

for those that can taste/spit out!! hats off to you!! I know as soon as I tasted it, that would be it...something in my head would click straight away and that would be me on a roll...hence why LT is good for me, total abstinence!

I think you have to go for the hubby to taste...I have to make my hubbys meals still and I am used to tasting it to see that all is ok, but now I dont and it is hard, but I have to do it. I sometimes go to put a bit of carrot, or a grape in my mouth, through habit, but that wears off after a whiles as you just know that you are on LT by that point and the habit does disappear...

Hope you can work it out and for it not to affect your diet...