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Boo Hoo

Oh sorry Betty, hang in there, glug loads of water.:tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:

Keep saying I can do this. Think of nice things other than food. Think of yourself slim and running along a beach in bikini.:cool:

Keep positive.
thanks lady. I think I need to space my packs a bit better but I was so hungry after lunch I had my bar as well.
"Well it's day 2 and I am struggling"

Of course you will be struggling this is a tough time but you sound as though you are coping with the packs at least. I looked it like this when you feel more hunger and pain you know you are losing weight and quickly. In seven days you will start looking and feeling like a better people thats 168 measly hours out of 8,760 in only a year.
well that's what I thought but our LLC gave us bars straight away.
It does happen sometimes. I have some 2 litre bottles of sparkling water at home (17p from Tescos). When I get extra hungry, which I often do I have the 2 litres in the evening with flavouring, and it seems to help fill me up if I dont have any packs left.

Youre do it, just keep at it.;) Look after yourself this week and make sure you pamper yourself.:)
Hi Betty, These first few days really are the worst. I was just going over my old posts and on day three I was crying and felt really bad. I was going to throw in the towel but kept going (with a lot of encouragment from this site) and I carn,t tell you how glad Iam I stuck with it. You will feel and look better after your 1st week. So stick with it drink plenty of water and try green tea thats helped me enormously. Oh and run yourself a nice bath with bubbles it helps to take your mind off.
Sorry you feel like this Betty but honestly it really does pass - and very quickly.

Do your best to distract yourself, walk, bath, games in the arcade, phone a friend, read a book even go to sleep --- these days will soon be gone and you'll be feeling much better.

Hang on in there :)
hiya betty im at the end of day 2 and yesterday id have killed for a bacon sandwich!!! not too bad today goin to bed soon so that will def help tomorrow will be day 3!! keep going, you know we can do this
You reminded me, i had heartburn for a few days when i started the CD. Someone told me to have soda water, which i did. The heartburn passed and it may have been connected, or maybe not!
hey thanks everyone...I'm actually feeling a lot better now thank goodness! Just need to get past the weekend which I think will be the hardest bit! Thanks for your support

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