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Boob Job??


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Hello everyone!!

I know this is a rather personal matter - but i was wondering if anyone was considering having a boob job after loosing all their weight. And if so, is it possible to get it done on the NHS? If not how much is it costing you?

I've always been quite happy with my breasts but since loosing weight i think i have been obsessing over everything about my body and my boobs seem to have lost there shape slightly.

Any thoughts on this anyone?


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Oooh and that was any thoughts on the subject rather than on my breasts!!!


Thought I had better get that in!!

The best person to talk to would be Summerskye, she has just had one done, have a look at her thread. It is totally inspirational!


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:rotflmao: Kels

re your question (I'll leave your boobs for you to discuss) - I'm definitely planning on having one if (and it's very likely) I need one when I've lost my weight. I was always big boobed even when I was skinny so I do want them firming up --- haven't looked into them yet though so don't know how much they cost or the nhs availability.



has started again!!
Rofl......im gonna need a body transplant by the time im done....lol.
You and me both Sonkie!!

My boobs are heading south at an amazing rate of knots. They are more like empty, crinkly carrier bags now:cry::cry:. I did, for the first time in my life buy a padded bra last week. Its amazing!! I think provided I can find the under wear to uplift me, the boob job might stay on hold. However, a tummy tuck is very likely, ......and my bingo wings.......and my flappy thighs..........

oh poo.........

still at least I 'll be thin and flappy not fat and wobbly!!:p
I could not imagine ever wanting to have a boob job, main reason being that I have always had big boobs and would do anything to get them smaller, so far no joy! Tops look so much better when you have smaller boobs.

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