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Boob question (possible tmi!)


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i have a question for the ladies. since losing weight, have you experienced changes in your boobs? mine have got smaller (obviously) but they hurt a LOT now. i thought at first they hurt because of the time of the month or something, but now im wondering if it's because im losing weight and exercising and they're sagging?

any ideas or should i see the doc?!
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Mrs V

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If they are painful for any reason, apart from being pregnant or ToTM, I certainly would get them checked over Hun. Its not something that you want to put off if things are not comfortable.



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hmmm, i thought it might be a weight loss thing. im deffo not pregnant as i've done a test.

i came off my pill a month ago (cerazette) and i wonder if its that. i'll give it another week and if it's still here i'll go to the docs.

i can't go anywhere without a bra on now, not even in bed or in the bath!!!

Mrs V

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Hmmm....not sure on the Cerazette, but the only time my boobs were like that was when I was pregnant...I had 6 negatives, before my positive but had the feeling that I was pregnant dispite what the tests were telling me.


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yeah i did worry about that, especially as i've felt sick a few times too. but the test has said negative. i guess time will tell!

about a month ago, my boobs got seriously painful, i mean, even moving was agonising, takeing off and putting on my bra was immensly painful and as for otherhalf enjoying them- out of the question..

this lasted for about 2 months and i couldnt figure them out at all. i went to the docs twice, the first time she checked for lumps (didnt feel comfortable doing it myself, didnt know what it would feel like!) and secound time she convinced me i must be pregnant, but refused to do a test. - i wasnt, she was chatting crap.. wanted to get off for the christmas holidays i suspect.

i stopped going swimming because it was too much, and after a few weeks it seemed to stop, i still hadnt figured out why and i guess i was just glad to not be in pain anymore so left it.

Then i started swimming again and was immediatly in pain again..

i suspect its because my boobs are a 34 FF, and clearly, the boyancy of the water was helping during the exercise, but hiding the pain and thus, when i'd finished, it was horendous.

could this be a possibility with your exercise?

now that my boobs dont have much fatty tissue around them anymore, i can feel glands and stuff i couldnt feel before and if im honest it scared me, so if this is the same for you.. get checked out by your gp.. but i think weightloss also just has weird affects sometimes.

Dont wanrt to sound as if I telling you to suck eggs but are you wearing a sports bra for exercise and when were you last measured. I got very sore about a ayear ago and a mate suggested I get measured.I thought I was 36c and had worn that size for years. The snotty assistant peered down her nose and said quite archily"been guessing have we madam?"Turned out I was 34ff. I nearly choked -no wonder I was sore!!Like cramming a asack of potatoes into a crisp bag!Just thought it might be an idea to check.

Wee Doll

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mine have only got smaller :(
yeah i've been measured and im a 34FF to, i wear two sports bra's when i exercise!! but they are cheap ones so i might invest in a good one. i went for a run last night and amazingly they hurt less today!!!


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hi Woods

I have the same problem I came off the pill about one year ago, and I have found about 1-2 weeks before I am due on, I get really painful boobs. They feel like they are bruised really badly like i have been beaten up! I spoke to my Dr about it and he seems to think its my body returning to normal after coming off the pill and having contraceptive injection ( I hadn't a period for about 6 years as injection stopped them and then the mini pill did the same) i have now got some hi strength evening primrose oil tablets only started them last week!! maybe try them?

Carla xx
oh that's interesting! i might give that a go, let me know how you get on with them x
Ibought a Shock absorber sports bra cos I did have a cheapie one from asda.Much cheaper on the net than in shops.Also when I got measured Old Snooty told me to always buy a asports bra a cup size too small as it gives you that extra bit of restriction to stop bounce and not weaken the muscles. No black eyes since I bought one. Lol

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