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Boogie Womans diary - weight loss, exercise, life and everything inbetween!

Hi all! :D

Right, i've decided that i want to keep a diary of my weight loss journey and MORE.
This is a reference for me and will hopefully stand as motivation to remind myself why i am doing this and why i need to carry on!
I would love for people to comment along the way; honest oppinnions are always welcome - even those i may not agree with! :p

I'm doing this for me and not anyone else and so far (4 days in) it's feeling great! This is about MUCH more than just weight loss for me, it's about a whole lifestyle change.

More than anything else I want to GET FIT! In fact i would probably settle for my current weight if i was physically fit but, alas, i'm not :(.

Anyhoo, all that will change. I feel i'm in control of my diet and soon i will be in control of everything else too!
Today is my FIRST day of an 8 week overweight, beginner runner (more like fast walking/possible jogging) programme.
I'm going to go for my first session in about an hour and i'm NOT looking forward to it. But hopefully with a little support from people on here; the motivation of writing a diary and (hopefully) the results, i'll be running miles in no time! Haha.

Wish me luck all! I will update my diary whenever i can, i'm going to aim for daily but it may slip to once every 2-3 days.


Boogie x
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Great to see you starting a diary, it sure does help. You can come on here and put down how you are feeling etc and get it all out, instead of bottling it all up and resorting to having a comfort binge.
I will keep popping in to see how you are getting on.

Good luck !


escaping the fat
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Wishing you every success with your plan. Will check in on your progress.
Feeling a down

Well at least the day started well...
I ate my cereal first thing as well as drinking 1.5 litres of water. Then i went on my first "jog" in my beginners running programme. Run 60 seconds, walk 90 for 20 mins. I didn't think i'd do it but i DID and it felt great! Came home and tucked into my lunch (salad with grapes - YUM) then i relaxed for a little while.
In the late afternoon i went to visit my parents and my best friend. Whilst my mum and dad were tucking into pizza and chips i headed off to visit my friend who lives just around the corner.
I was in a great mood when i arrived and said "thanks" but "no thanks" to the offer of some georgeous looking chocolate cake! All was going well until... she showed my some pictures from her birthday party on Saturday :sigh:
I've always disliked having my picture taken at the best of times and these reinforced why.
I looked HORRIBLE on all of them and like a huge fat lump :cry: It really made me feel down. All of my other friends looked beautiful and i felt like i stood out a mile as the token "fat friend". I wanted to cry but instead I made my excuses and left only to return to my parents and have them tell me how WONDERFUL my cousin now looks because she's lost some weight and is back down to her original size 10. Way to make me feel worse.

I eventually left to catch my train but it was cancelled and so i had to get the bus. By the time i got in - 9.35pm! - it was WAY too late for me to start steaming the lovely fish i was planning for dinner so instead i ate a bowl of Special K and now i'm just getting ready for bed. I feel horrible about myself right now and that is such a contrast to the way i felt yesterday and this morning even when things seemed to be going so well.

I've been invited to 3 seperate parties this weekend (one of which is tomorrow night and i have to go to because i have already STUPIDLY told people they can sleep over at my house) and i'm dreading going to them because i don't want people to see me but i also know i will be tempted by drink and late night trips to kebab shops :mad:

I'm in need of a hug but my flatmate is out (he doesn't understand anyway) so will go to bed and put Ally McBeal on as that always cheers me up.

Here's to tomorrow and a fresh outlook (i hope!)
Hi BoogieWoman

You're off to a great start, and did well not to let this evening's upset drive to eat something you shouldn't have. Use those photos as inspiration and motivation, you can't do anything about those photos but you can do something about the next ones that are taken of you and everyone will be saying how wonderful you look.

Try and avoid the drink at the parties, hard I know, but that's when tempation is so much harder to resist. Tell everyone, loudly at the beginning of the evening you're on antibiotics and can't drink and then you can't really go back on it later on.

Stay strong and focussed, you're doing a great job with your stepping and your jogging will improve very quickly.

All the best

Just a quick entry tongight. Had an AWSOME day! I was really feeling great when i woke up this morning! Did the second part of my beginners running programme and actually found myself enjoying it!! The diet was easy to stick today and i had a lovely lunch! I've not felt hungry at all! Just about to head out to a party and i've already told my friends i'm not drinking and they are cool about it! Can't wait!
Also found out earlier today that i've won a compatition to go meet one of my ALL TIME idols on Monday! How AMAZING! Woooohoo! I'm feeling really great about myself, my exercise AND the diet! Really hope i can keep this up!
I didn't drink any alcohol on Friday night! Woo. And i also managed to stear clear of any late night take aways despite the fact that my 3 best friends made me sit in the chip show with them whilst they devoured fish and chips!!

Had an OK day yesterday; my diet went well but i did eat some chocolate :eek: It was only a small amount though and the dark 75% cocoa minimum variety, not tooo bad for you!

Chocolate hasn't been completely banned from my diet, i am allowed to treat myself once a week so that'll be that until next weekend - i'm actually going to try and go for 2 weeks without any "treats"!

Managed loads of steps yesterday too which was great!

Had my FIRST weekly weigh in this morning...i've lost 3lb! :D :D :D

Going to go for a swim now and then do the third part of my running programme later on this evening - i'm actually really looking forward to it!

Promised my flatmate i'd do his food shopping for him today and that will add to my steps - ooo how i love my pedometer! Just hope i'm not tempted - i'm sure i won't be!
Well i thought today might be a strugle, i've been on this diet for over a week now and figured that i'd be getting bad-for-me food withdrawel. Turns out...i'm NOT! :D

I went for my third run this morning - i'm really getting into this exercise lark! It doesn't seem to be getting any easier but it isn't getting any harder either so i guess that's a plus!

Went and met my best friend for a coffee - i drank water - and sat with her as she scoffed an amazing looking slice of pizza :drool: but i didn't even have one bite!

Then came home and cooked my tea - tofu and vegtables - whilst my flatmate and his girlfriend ordered in Chinese food (used to be my favourite) then we all watched television. They ate a whole tub of Ben and Jerrys ice cream and i had 5 grapes :rolleyes: But i didn't feel tempted!

Going to a breakdancing class ALL day tomorrow so that will wear me out i'm sure but i'm really looking forward to it!! It's soup for dinner tomorrow which is my favourite and so i'm looking forward to that!

Still haven't quite gotten the hang of drinking all this water - i'm only at 2-3 litres a day but i'm slowly getting better!

Just focusing all my efforts on my birthday now and the fact that my friend has offered me the most fantasic dress to wear - i just have to lose a stone to fit into it!! :cool:
OK day today...kinda.

All started out well - i had my cereal for breakfast and then went to my all day breakdancing class! It was soooooo tiring and i was completely knackered after i'd finished.

The class was from 11am-4.30pm but we didn't get chance to have a lunch break so by the time it finished i was STARVING! I ate my sushi lunch on the bus on the way home but i was still really hungry and ended up eating a bag of cashew nuts...not good :sigh:

Anyway then i went to my folks house where i had toast and tuna pate - naughty naughty - and my mum offered me a chocolate which i just couldn't resist!

I feel uber guilty after all of that but i'm hoping that with all the calories that i burnt off during the exercise class today that maybe it won't make too much of a difference!? We will see.

Back "on it" tomorrow - go for a run in the morning and then job hunting for the rest of the afternoon :rolleyes:


escaping the fat
S: 23st5lb C: 19st8.5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 40.5 Loss: 3st10.5lb(16.06%)
Sounds like you are doing great, all that exercise can only do you good. Keep it up.
Well i went for another run yesterday.
I'm now onto the second week in my running programme and i had to up the running to 90 seconds. So that's 90 seconds running, 90 seconds walking for 20 mins. It actually went quite well. I think tomorrow i'm going to treat myself to a new pair of running trainers! :D

Today i met some friends for lunch and we pigged out a little :eek: But i didn't have any cake or dessert!! And then i went for a swim where i did 30 lengths - not bad. I'm starting to really enjoy this exercise lark!
It's another run tomorrow and there is also the possibility that i've got a date tomorrow too :eek: :D We'll see how that goes if it happens!
I had a GREAT day today :D

I walked lots and lots and lots. I met my parents for lunch and suck to water whilst they pigged out on subway! I had my salad back at home. They convinced me to treat myself to some proper running trainers so i splashed out and bought some fancy Nikes as recommened for me at the very fancy specialist running shop :eek: I didn't know such places existed! :giggle:
Went for a run this evening in the new shoes - they are brilliant!! Make me feel much more motivated and less stupid out on the road! lol.

Came home and ate my lovely soup. I also had a spoonful of "skinny cow" ice-cream which i felt i'd earnt after such a hard day :giggle:.

No exercise for me tomorrow but i might just practise my dancing which always feels like a workout! Just hope Easter Sunday and Monday go as well - i'm staying at my parents house and they ALWAYS have lots of yummy - diet sabotaging - food on offer :doh: :rolleyes:
Not written for a couple of days (i knew i'd slack off over easter - d'oh!) but got good news to report.

Been doing very well on the diet and carrying on doing LOTS of exercise (which i now really enjoy - :eek: ). I DID eat chocolate yesterday though but i said i was going to allow myself some and now i'm back to ye old healthy ways.

Put on a pair of tousers yesterday that a couple of weeks ago i was unable to fasten - THEY FIT! :D :D :D In fact, i might go so far as to say, they were a tiny bit loose! WooHoO!

had my second weeks weigh in yesterday and i've lost another 3lb!! :D So now i've only got 24lb to go! And I'm getting closer to feeling GREAT about myself.

Going to the pub with some friends now - water all the way for me!


escaping the fat
S: 23st5lb C: 19st8.5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 40.5 Loss: 3st10.5lb(16.06%)
Refitting into once too small clothes is great isnt? You are doing so well.
Been a bit crap at keeping the diary as of late. Will recap.

Yesterday i had a bit of an *oops* day. I ate a few biscuits in the morning :eek: and then in the evening i ended up eating pizza :mad: Main reason for that being i'd been DIYing all day and it was 9.30pm and i still hadn't eaten. I had no bathroom or kitchen; no gas or water and both me and my flatmate were STARVING. My fish wasn't going to get cooked so we ended up with pizza and garlic bread. I didn't eat too much just a couple of slices but i was still dissapointed with myself.

Anyhoo i've been really good today to make up for it :) I've done lots of walking and kept strictly to the diet. Off for a run tomorrow and can't wait!

I'm going away on Friday till Sunday camping with a local youth group i help at - should be fun but i know they're eating crap all weekend (because i did the shopping for it :rolleyes: ) so i've bought myself some cereal and skimmed milk for breakfast, brown pasta and lots of fruit and veg. Hopefully i'll manage to get by without stuffing my face with chocolate. I'm also planning on taking my running trainers and should get lots of exercise! :)

It's grilled vegi sausages for tea tomorrow evening and i CAN'T WAIT! Still struggling to drink my 3 litres of water a day but that has had something to do with the fact that i haven't had a toilet at home for the past 3 days. No excuses now that it's all fixed and fitted! :D
Well i've had a bit of a :break_diet: but i think i'm back on track again.

I went camping at the weekend and fell off the wagon completely. Despite my best intentions to "be good" i ate everything i shouldn't be doing! Lots of chocolate, biscuits, bread, cheese :( :sigh: It did make me very happy at the time though! And i did a lot of exercise so hopefully i haven't done too much damage. Got back on Sunday evening and was very good. Been good since then too!

Went for a run yesterday and then went well. I am getting SO much fitter i'm loving it!

Another run today and been VERY healthy! I can actually run for 5mins without stopping now! How AMAZING! This running programme is a god send!

Having weighed myself yet this week. My scales are kept at a friends so i don't fall into the trap of jumping on them everyday! But i've been so busy that i haven't been able to weigh myself. I might just leave it until next week now.

Feeling VERY hungry this evening but i think that's because my body is once again having to re-adjust to the diet and my healthy eating after the weekends hicup. Have locked myslef in my room and i'm about to go to bed. No more to eat for me till breakfast!!

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