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BooHoo! What am I doing wrong?


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Just got back from 3rd weigh in - STS!!!
I've been doing SS+ as I don't have a huge amount to lose - 1 1/2 to 2 stones.
The first week went really well 7lbs down.
Last week not great 2lbs down - but I thought I had started totm, but that disappeared after a day of spotting (sorry if there's tmi!)
This week nothing!!!
My CDC suggests going back on ss instead of ss+ so that I give my body a bit of a shock!
Had I been nibbling or cheating I wouldn't mind but I have been so good, sitting watching others indulge while I sip my water!!
If anyone has any suggestions or has been through this would appreciate some advice.
Sorry it's a long, self indulgent whinge!! Just feel really disappointed:cry:

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Sorry to hear that you had a STS week, its a bummer especially when you have been so good.

Have you been going to the loo regularly? You might need to take a fiber supplement to keep things moving in that department


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Don't worry Ceri:), i've had times when the scales haven't moved for days and then suddenly 2-3lbs drops off (maybe for you it was just unfortunate that this is happening around your weigh in day:sigh:) - give your bod time to adjust! Bet you've lost inches? That's what i noticed!!

You'll be ok chicken:hug99:


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im like you only need to loose about stone and half . first ever weigh in many months ago, id lost 3lb and i was gutted . my cdc at that time said you compare yourself to others on minis that have more weight to loose and they tend to loose larger amounts .. ( please noone take offense of that!) if you were aiming at loosing 6 stone , then it would prob come off quicker til you start nearing a goal weight when your body will slow down. dont be too disheartened . you will get there and dont forget totm can add afew extra pounds in fluid retention .... ( wooo hooo not that i have periods any more !!)
I have been SS for 16 days now and drinking 5lts of water a day and no cheating. First WI 7lb's, second 3lbs but the scales have not moved for five days now. I have about three stones to lose but it is disheartening to abstain and see no result. I'm just going to hang in there because it has to come off at some point or I am defying the laws of science. Lol!


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and anyway you have lost 9lb thats fab . you couldnt do that on ww. like someone else next week youl prob be shocked and have agreat loss


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Thanks guys for all your support.
I know this diet works - I did it last year and managed to get so close to goal - don't want to be within touching distance and fail again!
I will stick at it - back to the old ss and see what the scales have to say next week. Here's hoping!!
Have just bought some fibre 89 - have been on senekot but it's all or nothing with that!!! God, we have to be so graphic here!! Sorry!
Thanks again - feeling more cheery now.

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