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Book on order...more info needed!!

I am waiting for the book for me and my mum to have a look further into this diet. A friend of hers told her about it, having lost a stone already and as we were both not doing too well on the new WW PP we thought we may give it a go!

My dad has lost a lot of weight with atkins before and ive lost weight with WW but the majority of my weight i lost on LL 3 years ago (6 stone) i have since put most of it back on...although i stuck to the diet rigidly it wasnt sustainable and as soon as 'real' food was reintroduced my weight piled back on.

Anyway...that my history...what i would like to know if who on here hs lost a lot of weight and how have they found it? how long has it taken? im fully aware i would need to commit quite some time-although online it did say that to get to my ideal weight would be october (thats not very long at all)

Basicly-how are you all getting on with it? What do you eat?

Can you eat out?

All those usual questions that if i were more patient id wait for the book to find out lol...

Thanks guys,

I_dream_slim, xxx
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hey hun welcome on board
read the book and be prepared is the thing i would advise ....ive lost over 5 stone and that took8 months with xmas off ect
its easy if your head is in the right place ...
protien is the key
check the dukan site to get your true weight and it will tell you how long to go on each phase for
check on here for recipes as chicken can get boring and we know a million and one things to do with oatbran !!!!

dont forget getting to your ideal weight is only the first part then your taught to cerment it and stabilise the plan is for life but gets less strict
and yes you can go out best not in attack phase but its doable just know your dukan foods
Thanks for the advice and the welcome! Yeah thinking of being very hermit-like during attack phase-any social arrangements will have to be done over black coffee or diet coke hehe!!

Used to things being strict and can even cope with 'boring' as long as i see results...seems like people have very impressive losses on this diet whilst stil eating real foods that a whole family could eat! Impressive!!
yep it is ...if you come on here you will see how we help each other through any pit falls ..... even when were not eating enough !!!! which does happen , can be a shock to some of us ...
when you get into it going out is ok if you chose right ie a pub that does steak and salad and you can bin the chips ideal


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Welcome to the forum, i've lost just over 3 stone since late november. you'll find that the weight just falls off at first, at an unbelievable rate - towards the last few pounds it will slow but you'll definitely see some amazing results. definitely give the book a good read before you start. empty your cupboards of non dukan friendly food and get prepared in advance of your start.
Im currently over 16 stone and looking to get to around 11...going to work out my ideal weight now on the website. Ive heard people saying on here about doing a 30 min walk a day...is this recommended and can you substitute the walk for other exersize or consolidate into longer sessions 1hr zumba etc etc? What are peoples takes on this? What works for you? xx
Amazon is saying its been dispatched...but who knows? Im guessing could not be until end of next week? xx
Doing a more vigerous exercise than the walk is of course an okay substitution.
Not sure about skipping days due to a longer session though....
Might be a case of working out what works for you.


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He recommends a daily 30 mins brisk walk - for some that'd be too much initially, but needs building up.

The idea isn't so much about "losing weight", but introducing a regular physical activity into our lives which most of us don't or didn't have.

1hr gym sessions sporadically are all very well when in the mood, but not a replacement for a daily brisk walk. The walk does your mind good too, I always find.

Plus, most of us are unfit and overweight so anything too taxing would probably finish us off... (I'm talking about myself here...).
Book arrived...reading began tonight! xx

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