books to help us on our journey...


5 stone to go!
hey guys and gals,
ive been thinking that while in on my "time-out" as ive begun to call it that id like to read some books to do with, mindful eating and why we overeat and establishing the connections between food and emotions etc etc..
i was just wondering has anybody read or heard about any good books that we could buy that are any good with educating us on these things??
thanks in advance..... bells x
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xx Cathy xx

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Not sure about the mind over matter type books but the GI diet by Rick Gallop gives you a lot of info that can help when on maintenance. It encourages switching hi-carb things for low-carb alternatives e.g. brown bread with high fibre content instead of white etc. It also encourages that half your plate be greens/veg, one quarter be protein and the other carbs/starch etc. I found it really good as it is similar to maintenance meals and theres a lot of nice recipes in there.


5 stone to go!
thanks lardy ill have a look at that now,, i thought id jst leave it till i was a bit through my journey, but seeing as im struggling a bit i thought i may as well learn a bit now..might help in distracting me from wanting to have food.x