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Hi all, am returning to CD after gaining 3/4 of the weight I lost originally on LL. I tried CD last year but wasn't in the right frame of mind and couldn't commit myself to it. But after several weeks of arguing with myself :eek: you know the old 'I'll follow a sensible eating plan' followed by the 'You know CD is the way to go' argument you have with yourself (well I hope some of you do, otherwise I might start worrying!!) I have finally arranged to visit a CD C tomorrow morning and get on the diet wagon again, although this time I know I'm in the right zone and can't wait to see the scales going down,down,down.
I have enjoyed reading the various inspirational threads that are on here and hopefully as the weeks and pounds tick away I'll inspire others as you have all inspired me so far.
Wish me luck for tomorrow and the forthcoming months, I know we can all help and support one another
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Hi Jeannie and welcome hunni.

Yes I have had those arguments with myself, and usually CD (now CWP lol) nearly always wins x
Well done Eclipse on not only losing but maintaining, you are the answer to the many critics who tel me 'as soon as you start eating again you'll put it all back on'. However, they forget that it doesn't matter what diet we go on, be it SW WW etc as soon as you come off it, if you don't watch what you eat it goes back on again.
Maybe that's why my diary is called boomerang, I've lost the weight on numerous occassions over the years but some how it always comes back, like a boomerang. Although, this time I'm throwing it away for good, my boomerang will be well and truly broken!
Met my CD today and picked up my food packs. I was considering starting tomorrow but I thought April Fool's day has a significance about it, so am halfway through my first day, yay me!
Am feeling confident and full of enthusiasm at the moment, even though my OH thinks it would be far more sensible for me to start after Easter, however, I know if I left it till then the demon eggs would be calling me to devour them and I'm in the zone to lose not gain weight.
Still having the negative moments of 'what are you doing this again for? Can't you just do the sensible eating...' the resounding answer I have to keep giving myself is a capital NO as if I could I wouldn't be needing to diet.
I know I've only been on this for a few hours but am already getting the buzz of saying no to food and the powerful feeling that comes with it, roll on day 2!! I know I'll have difficult times ahead but I need to keep focused on my holiday on May17th. I'm going on a cruise and I don't want to feel like a beached whale, I want to feel slim and sexy. I know I've not got long till we cast away so my ideal weight will have to be achieved upon my return but I know if I can succed with this for the next 6 weeks I'll feel so much better and more confident than I do now. Isn't it strange how so many of us judge ourself and our worth by a number on a scale and a number on a label in a piece of clothing! Reminds me of that saying 'I'm not a number I'm a free man' that's what I want to achieve, I want to be a free woman, free from negative, destructive thoughts about who I am and what I can/can't achieve in life because of a number!
Phew, feel better for that rant! So far today I've had apple and cinnamon porridge, yum and a banana milk shake and it's all good.
To everyone out there who is having a hard day think how good you'll feel come the Summer when you can wear a single layer, rather than covering up in the blistering hot sunshine and telling everyone you don't feel that hot, when the reality is you're melting!!!!
TTFN and stay focused on the positives!
OMG! Why do I find the evenings so difficult to get through? I'm not even sure it's hunger but the overpowering desire to eat something, anything! During the day I'm fine and feel empowered, by the evening I'm like a different person who feels deprived and totally deflated.
Hopefully tomorrow night will be a little easier than the crazed woman I've been tonight, food obsessing and not listening to a word th OH was saying, but thinking about various scenarios of what I could eat. Stay strong girl and you'll get to where you want to be!


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Still having the negative moments of 'what are you doing this again for? Can't you just do the sensible eating...' the resounding answer I have to keep giving myself is a capital NO as if I could I wouldn't be needing to diet.
I did laugh at that as it's exactly the way I feel!

Good luck on the plan xx
Thanks Sue, but with the Easter egg the OH has bought for me I'm gonna need more than luck, a staight jacket, gag and padded room is what I need!
Day 2 is here and so far so good. Although I always seem to find the daylight hours easier than the evenings. At night the little diet demon arrives and tells me that this little bit wont hurt, that little scrap will make you feel better. Trouble is, from past experience, all those little bits that 'I deserve' add up to more than a nice meal, but leave me feeling unsatisfied and really angry at myself. So trying hard this time to squash the diet demon each time he arrives and believe me I may only be on day 2 but he has paid me many visits already, but to no avail, yay go me!
I'm so stressed about the upcoming holiday that seems to be looming ever closer and once again I'm not ready for it. When Hubby booked it I was thinking,'Its ok I've got 12 weeks to lose the weight. Then there was only 10, then 8 and now 6 and I haven't lost a pound yet, but I'm on CD now and hey there's nothing like a challenge to really motivate me!! Nothing like making things hard for myself and as with everything in my life I leave everything to the last minute!!! 6 weeks to go and hopefully 24 pound will go by then or I'll be in trouble as none of my clothes fit, oops!


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Hi Jeanee, I am a bit of a boomerang too.

This time I am going to get most of with CD then maintain with slimming world. Guess I'll have to be on a diet forever to stay slim eh?

Good luck with CD, you'll lose 21lbs in 6 weeks if you stick to it.



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I'll probably end up doing the same thing as you, cd first to loose the weight and SW to maintain :) and I'm sure you can loose a lot of weight in those weeks!
keep going!! the first 4 days are the worst but get through those and you will be fine. if you do blip just carry on as if it never happened! you can do it and we are all here for you girl!!!
I had an oh bugger day too on Thursday, oh and on Friday too lol.

But onwards and downwards. I have a holiday booked for 10 weeks today and I want to lose 12lbs! Sounds easy?? It is definitely NOT lol.

Hang on in there jeanee hun, you can do it x

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