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Boots Weighing Machine

How does anyone else find these?
I'm doing SW without the group and weighing in at Boots. I've been to group in the past and had good results so I'm happy that I know what I'm doing with the plan etc
Anyhoooo.....first weeks weigh in after a 100% week and it tells me I've lost no weight, I'm an inch shorter and my body fat has gone from 33% to 42% in a week!!!
Any thoughts??
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they are always acurate for me in comparison to sw scales.. but thats very bizare, esp about your ody fat etc.

It also cut me down 3/4 of a inch also.. :(


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Yeah i use them but i have once lost two inches in height on them which is a shame because it makes me doubt the accuracy a little. Similar fluctuations with body fat although not as drastic as you!


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I once used them, it measured me 2 inches shorter than I am and as having put on 5lbs. When I had my WI I had lost 4lbs. 9lb difference and all I was wearing different was trousers instead of jogging bottoms. I even took my shoes off!

I think there is such a variation that it's best to just stick with the same set of scales everytime. As I go to class I'm not doing sneaky peaks any more!
Hmmm maybe it's telling me I should just go back to class! The body fat reading really freaked me out - I'm 5' 2" and currently weigh 9 stone 9 pounds, if I'm 44% fat then there's something seriously wrong! :)


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:eek: they're definately wrong surely.
I found the ones i used to use were very hit and miss, but thats because they MOVE them. lol x


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I wouldn't trust them tbh I used to use them and I was a different weight and height each week......and the fat % isn't accurate! You're much better off posting the extra for sw class!
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I use the Boots machine and it has been fine for me so far. Do you use the same one each week, also like someone else has said if they move them it can make a difference.

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