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Bored and craving.


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No one is hardly online and no one is in my flat....

Im bored :(


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Its been very quiet on here all day, makes me think I must have a very sad life at the side of everyone else as theyve got better things to do on a saturday night!!! You can get through your cravings im sure, im not the best person to advise as Ive been giving in to mine all week but im sure you can stay strong!! Good luck sarahxx.
There must be somethimg in the air tonight because I'm the same, I'm craving worse tonight than I ever have. So I've got loads of stuff out of my wardrobe and I'm taking piccies and putting it on ebay. I'm thinking about how many chocolates!! LOL I mean new clothes I will be able to buy out of the proceeds. I've decided I hate weekends at the moment seem to be my worst times!

me too im craving for chinese, i went shopping earlier to get some bits for the baby and the hot food counter and deli looked wonderful. i managed to stop myself and have had chicken and mushroom crisps and choc shake for dinner. im lucky i dont crave sweet things more savory so its harder for me to lose my craving. dont give in your not the only one whos feeling s**ty today. ive had a massive row with hubby, ive got no cloths that fit me (thats kinda good), got no money and just feel like crap all i want to do is eat coz that takes the pain away for a while. sorry to ramble on but just needed to get it off my chest
Well I feel better knowing I'm not alone!! Have no intention of eating choccie but I'd Bl**dy love some(LOL).I'm the same with the clothes ,am now down to two pairs of black trousers and a pair of cargo trousers that fit and thats it! All my tops have got huge and not being funny but my knix are huge now and so are me bras, but I've got a joint electric/gas bill for £708 so cloths have got to wait!

i got my lecie/gas bill in yesterday and its not goodeither, we have changed supplier again who have promised (again) that our bill will go down. bloody hope so coz ive got other things that need paying. Dont you just hate money?
im sat here bored too with nothing to do nearly went to chinese but disciplined myself soooo hard as its within spittig distance from my house before i could stand by my window and see when the lady was off the phone to ring it still had to go and collect it though cant believe that fuel bill do u live at buck house by any chance ?????? is your name really liz ???
Well I feel better knowing I'm not alone!! Have no intention of eating choccie but I'd Bl**dy love some(LOL).
You are definitely not alone! I haven't been bored today as I have had been a busy bee, but I soooooooooo want to eat!! I have been on this for 52 days and I could eat everything in sight!! I am not going to, but I bloody want to!!

I am sure we'll be ok - we'd feel so much worse if we caved in, I'm sure!
No I've had builders in working for the last six months and it's all their flipping drills and things. Also my hubby insisted on filling the back garden up with xmas lights and bought a snow machine(dont know whos the biggest kid in my house?)him or my son.So I think we're paying for it know!!



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Hi Nikki

Something in the air tonight ~ I am bored bored bored
starving starving starving

Cant get my head round it today, add a meal this week and its driving me crazy ~ just a little food is no good for me I am going mad and starving

Just thought I would share that with you all

No nipping to the chinese or getting chocolate

Funny how all the delious bad food begins with C

Enough already


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Thanks Nikki

Well done you ~ you are more than half way

How cool is that

Are you going to Birmingham end of March ?


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Hiya girls :D Just wanted to say hi and that you're not on your own about weekends:sigh:

I totally agree with you all and how much harder they can feel!!:sigh: D_Q is an expert on this as well IMO.:)

It's ruddy hard and I think even tougher when you may be out of your usual routine that you have during the week. I know I struggle more from Friday night to Sunday night.

Getting on here, sorting clothes out, reading inspirational stories or looking at pics are all really good ideas to distract and keep the motivation going. I know I need to do more of that this weekend.:rolleyes:

Lacey x
Nah i had a bottle of water, in my PJ's watching Jarhead. Off to bed now, I hope tomorrow is better :(

Night all.


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Nah i had a bottle of water, in my PJ's watching Jarhead. Off to bed now, I hope tomorrow is better :(

Night all.
Well done for sticking it out Lou Lou :D More power to your elbow girl!! I'm sure tommorow will different hun. I used to use a signature that said,

"Tommorow is not Today".......:)

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