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Extra Easy Bored with the same old food. Have you any ideas for me?

My name is Nikki and I am 28 y/o. I began at slimming world on 4th July 2011 and from then up to now I have lost 2st 3lbs. I am very happy about it, but other people have lost a lot more than me and I feel a bit confused as to why I dont lose as much as they do. I eat free foods and allow my syns for things like margerine, extra cheese and the odd treat, but i seem to only be losing between half a pound and a pound and a half each time. next week i am aiming to lose 2 and a half for my club 10 target, and I will be gutted if i dont get it. I was surprised i never got it tonight as i did so well, even when i multi synned on saturday. I would be glad if anyone could give me some recipes for meals that are easy to cook and take to work considering i only have an half an hour lunch break. I normaly just take noodles as theyre 3 mins in the microwave and whack my allowance of cheese and marge on them but now im bored of them. I dont have a lot of money at this moment in time so any suggestions will be great. Thank you. I have a big goal. I want to be 15 stone by october 2012 as i am being bridesmaid for my best friend laura and i dont want to be a fat bridesmaid as im hoping the best man will be hotter than july lmao :) i'll admit that i am lazy and i often use the lift to get up to the 1st floor at work when i should walk so from tomorrow im going to start doing that again. The extra walking helps out i think. I walk to the bus stop and walk to work off the bus and vice versa on the way home so i walk for 50 minutes in the fresh air each day but my problem is at the weekend. i dont go out because i have penpals and i sit and write their letters and have long lie ins. so as of this weekend im going to be exercising more, even if its just for a walk around the street (i walked my dog every night and she died last year so thats why i dont go walking now). Any tips would be fab. I also do aerobics to my lady gaga cd with a thought that i will look as sexy as her one day!!
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Have you looked in the recipe sub-forum - well over 100 pages full of recipes that will keep you going for a good while. Sounds like you need more variety in your diet to get the weight coming off again. And are you sure you are eating enough? Why not post your food diary so we can take a look?
Like the others said, check out the Recipe forum and the Food diaries for ideas. Mine is here. There's always loads of ideas in the magazine with an entire week planned out for you.

My advice would be:
1) Plan, plan, plan. Decide what you're eating for the week ahead and get the food in
2) SUPERFREE. Fill your meals with it. It doesnt have to be plain old vegetables!

I gotta say I wouldnt expect to lose much weight eating noodles with cheese & marg for lunch every day... Its OK now and then, but not every day, and its not very healthy. Try making big batches of stuff for tea that you can save leftovers from, then you can just grab a box of outta the freezer in the morning and bung it in the microwave for your lunch. Easy! And cheap! :)

That said you're doing really good, that averages at 1.5lb a week, nothing wrong with that! I average 2lb a week and Ive lost nearly 6.5 stone since Feb. At this rate you will have lost another 5 stone by Oct 2012. Get planning and superfreeing and you will beat that no problem! :)

Why not post a food diary as well? Then we can suggest where you could speed things up a bit? Good luck x :)
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Firstly well done on your loss so far! Thats amazing in itself - everyone loses at a different rate so try not to worry, the people who keep it off long term are the people with steady losses Usually - although NOT always the case!)

I used to work before becoming a SAHM and had to really vary my lunches so i didn't get bored! I was a manager in a hotel and if i wasn't full all those lovely deserts for the restaurant were there ha ha!

Homemade Soup with Spicy Potato or Sweet Potato Wedges

Cous Cous with feta, olives (1 syn for 8), tomatoes, cucumber, onion and roasted peppers

Leftover Bolognese or Chilli (again fab with the wedges, or great stuffed into a wholemeal pitta with your hea cheese :D)

Tuna Pasta or Chicken and Pasta Salad (2.5 syns for mayo) mixed with sweetcorn, peas, tomatoe,s cucumber, spring onions etc!

I also loved Wholemeal Pittas, filled with a variety of things, along with a huge salad or wedges ;)

SW Quiche with salad or baked beans mmmmmmmmmmmm
Great advice already given - my little tip is try to think of adding colour to your plate - a rainbow of foods is good for you!

Tomatoes, Peppers, veggies - all sorts!

And try one new food or recipe each week.

heya there, thanks for your message. i dont keep a food diary as i cant keep up with it. its easier for me to just look in the cupboards and cook from scratch but today i had jacket potatoes with edam cheese and light flora margerine and i really enjoyed it and tomorrow i am cooking couscous with lean bacon, chicken and vegetables to take for my tea to work.
thanks so much for your message, i lost 9lbs in one week just living of ready to eat noodles cheese and marge but i think it was coz i was ill also and didnt have much of an apetite so i didnt go rummaging for nice food. your words and pictures are so inspiring, thank you!
thank you so much for your kind words. you have put such a smile on my face :) and all of the recipes sound delicious so i will deffinitely try them. im not keen on olives or mayo so i might skip those but feta cheese is amazing and i love it!
Nikki1983 said:
heya there, thanks for your message. i dont keep a food diary as i cant keep up with it. its easier for me to just look in the cupboards and cook from scratch but today i had jacket potatoes with edam cheese and light flora margerine and i really enjoyed it and tomorrow i am cooking couscous with lean bacon, chicken and vegetables to take for my tea to work.
I'm sorry but you need to put a bit more thought in, after all the food doesn't simply land in your cupboards, planning a few meals won't take forever will speed up shopping and will save you money in the long run.

Potatoes with flora and cheese isn't a balanced meal, and I'm not surprised you are getting bored!
wow look at your achievements!! youre amazing!! thank you so much for the tip. i love all veg except from tomato so im ok there. i dont eat a lot of beg i will admit, and thats shame as i do like it, esp raw carrotts and celery, nom nom :) i need to me more brave in trying new foods as i tend to stick to what i like.

nikki - 2 times slimmer of the week lol
i havent had potatoes with that for ages and i really enjoyed it, it was such a difference not to be having noodles. im doing my first week again in order to shed the pounds to reach my club 10 target next week. im also exercising a lot more. ive been eating a lot more fruits and varietys of free yoghurts (my mum buys me all the stuff i need as she is so supportive). i have a slimming world book that i am going to cook from this weekend and try to make some things to take to the taster night next week. as i said in another post, i do like veg but i need to introduce it more in to my meals so i guess they would make things seem less boring. i do realise that the world is my oyster and slimming world has some fantastic foods that are free, so i need to buy the book from my advisor with syn values etc...and the book which lists every single one of the free foods so i can get creative!
heya there, thanks for your message. i dont keep a food diary as i cant keep up with it. its easier for me to just look in the cupboards and cook from scratch but today i had jacket potatoes with edam cheese and light flora margerine and i really enjoyed it and tomorrow i am cooking couscous with lean bacon, chicken and vegetables to take for my tea to work.
I think it might be a good idea to read the book again or ask your C to go over it again and explain why the 'rules' are as they are, as I think you might not have quite understood the point.

Potatoes, pasta, noodles etc are free, yes but they're not something you should frequently be eating in large amounts on their own without balancing it out with fruit & veg etc ie superfree. Replacing noodles with potato for a change is not really an advance to be quite honest - both are starchy carbohydrates with a lot of calories in (which *do* matter, even if we dont focus on them so much in themselves on SW)

The other thing is the margarine and cheese. You can have cheese of course and it counts as a Healthy Extra, but are you measuring it? You get 28g of normal cheddar as a HEXA, or 42g reduced fat cheddar. Thats really not very much at all.

Similarly with the margarine - are you measuring it? Do you really need it? Its sky high in syns... A level teaspoon of the lowest fat one they make is 1 syn, normal margarine is 5½ syns for a level tablespoon or 9½ syns per ounce, which is not much at all. I may be wrong but I wonder if you might be using almost all of your syns for the day already just on your margarine and cheese? Youre not getting any superfree in your lunch either, its all starchy, fatty foods unfortunately.

The idea with fruit and veg is to eat them as PART of your meal in order to reduce the amount of calorie-laden stuff such as potatoes, noodles, beans, meat etc that you eat. Also potatoes, noodles etc really have no nutrients in them, they're not 'good for you' other than as calories and to fill you up.

Has your C explained Extra Easy clearly to you? Basically the plan is:
i) eat as much Free food as you want (lean meat and carbohydrates ie potatoes, pasta, rice, beans/peas etc)
ii) BUT at least 1/3 of every meal should be Superfree - ie fruit and most vegetables. It does matter that this is part of your meal - not just fruit that you snack on at other times, for the portion-limiting reasons I mentioned above.
iii) You get 2 Healthy Extras per day - one A choice and 1 B choice

Please dont take this as too abrupt, I just wonder if you Consultant has perhaps not explained it very well to you. Any questions just ask, everyone here is friendly and helpful :) You've done fab so far! x :)
i dont keep a food diary as i cant keep up with it. its easier for me to just look in the cupboards and cook from scratch
Unfortunately losing weight *isnt* easy and it does take some effort. :( The point in planning is so that when you 'look in the cupboards' there is *always* some there you can have that is healthy and also tasty, something you would want to eat. If you dont plan its really easy to find you've got nothing in and just eat whatever's there, or even order a takeaway and so many people fail because of this (We've all been there, done that).

You say you cook from scratch anyway, so why not think of a meal or two you fancy this week and go and make sure you've got everything you need for it?

The food diary was just a suggestion so if youre finding it difficult or slow (which you've already said you are) people could help you out. If you dont keep a log of what youve eaten its hard to help. It takes less than a minute, so if youve got time to write posts on here you've got time to write down what youve had to eat. But its only a suggestion. Good luck x :)
Ello love, how are ya? Nice to see you on here!

I love pasta for lunch and after cooking a huge batch on Monday for tasting night, it's what I will be living on this week! Nice and easy too - pasta, passata and then any added veggies. This time round I added tomatoes, yellow pepper, 2 corguettes, mushrooms and onions, and can heat up in the microwave, or eat it cold!

Try doing a food diary too, maybe by not writing things down, you are missing things? And well done on the weight loss, you know I'm jealous! :)
Look in the Recipe forum loads of recipes.
Check out the 'what's for lunch' thread
Search for 'budget' for more ideas

But I found a lovely tool on Tesco, it's a meal planner, the recipes willl need adjusting a bit but it's fab!

Also checkout Slimming Eats - Slimming World Recipes for the fabbiest SW recipes, be warned her Carbonara is DIVINE!
Shirleen is not joking about that carbonara its better than Prezzo (imo) a weekly thing at the mo in my house!

ohh and the bolognese bake but i use her old recipe before it got tweaked xx

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