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Bostik's Finally Doing It :)


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Heya, guys.

I'm 22 and I have been overweight since I was a kid and it's just got worse and worse. I haven't really committed to diets before but this time I am gonna do my best! I think the heaviest I have been is just over 22 stones (I tend not to use scales, but this is the biggest figure I remember). Without dieting, I have somehow managed to get it down to 17 stones. And this has just made me determined to get rid of enough so that I am a healthy weight :)

So I've been calorie counting for just over three weeks now so thought I should start doing a diary now that I seem to be losing a bit on it :) I also joined the gym three weeks ago. I have been going once or twice a week but I am gonna try and motivate myself to go three times every week. I'm only doing cardio stuff really as I don't really know what I'm doing, but I have a free session with a personal trainer next week so hopefully they will be able to give me some pointers.

Just today I realised I have been doing the calorie counting thing wrong. I have been finding it really difficult to eat my calories (1490) and then even finding it difficult to hit 1200 sometimes. On top of that, I have not been eating back my exercise calories. But from reading really informative threads on here I realised this could be a problem so I'm gonna try harder with eating enough.

Now for the weigh ins! I'm really pleased so far :)
Start weight: 238 pounds
Week 1: Didn't weigh myself
Week 2: 228 pounds (-10) :D
Today I weighed myself for this week and it's
Week 3: 226 pounds (-2) :)

Hoping the scales keep going down :)

Dunno what I'm gonna put in this diary. Probably food logs and weigh in results. I'll see how it goes :)
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I started logging food and exercise in my diary... now I just general chat loads of rubbish and throw a bit of food and exercise stuff in when I remember this is a diet forum, lol!!!

All the best to you and your weight loss journey, I really look forward to reading your ongoing progress!!! x


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Haha it's fun to read though :) Thanks!
Hey congrats on seeing the numbers going down I can't wait for that part!!! We are doing pretty similar calorie counting is so hard at first it's finding healthy ways to get up to the 1490 that's the problem if we could eat cake and chocolate I’d have no trouble haha Best of luck looking forward to reading more of your fab losses! :)


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Thanks :) Yeah. For the most part I was doing well and then it was like I'd have a pot noodle or a packet of crisps. And even though it was in my calories, it isn't very healthy. I really need to cut down on the crisps (though I do tend to have lower calorie ones)!

Today we had guests over for lunch so I was kinda worried as mum's made lots of lovely food like biryani and tandoori chicken and samosas! But I tried something out and it seems to have done the trick :) I worked out how much each thing is on My Fitness Pal and then how much I could eat and stuff before I actually ate it. Rather than eat everything and then find out the damage. That meant I could still eat it but I wouldn't go mad on it and then feel guilty. Hopefully have a lighter dinner tonight :)


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Well done that woman! You have got it, what's more you are going to get where you want to. It's clicked and personally i think the diary thing is the best tool out there. I use mine to note down food etc. but also to note exercise, feelings/moods and all sorts. I think it will make interesting reading one day and hopefully will make it possible for me to see any dodgy patterns that show up.

Good luck to you, but tbh, I don't think you need it.
mmmmmmmmmmmm biryani mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I've not had indian in so long... it's food porn and currently banned in my house because I am unable to show restraint, well done you!!! x


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Thanks Barb :) I really hope it has clicked this time. I tried diets like Weight Watchers when I was about 16 and the doctors were on my case but I wasn't very committed at all. This time I'm doing it because I know I want and need to!

Lindsey, it is a nightmare dieting when you are Indian! We have other food too, but there is curry or something at least once a week! Just trying to cut down on things I really don't need like popadoms and extra big portions :)
Lol my best buds Indian and her mom is constantly trying to feed us all!! But it just seems like every meal involves three kinds of curry two kinds of rice and 800000 side dishes lol oh and ladles full of ghee!! I think she's a bit old school!!! But the whole family are stick thin!!!

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Haha yeah. It's okay if it's just like a normal days dinner. My mum doesn't use ghee or any of that so it's not as bad as it could be! And it's just one curry. It's when we have guests that is the problem! You get the samosas and bhajis first and then a whole range of mains and sides and always dessert too! It's no wonder I'm this big haha. Never really thought of it as being that much food until I started looking at how much portion sizes should be and stuff! That was a shocker!
Had some tandoori chicken with a bit of pasta salad tonight. Had me thinking. So many people on diets have brown pasta and bread and rice and stuff. Does it make that much difference? Like I have white bread and pasta and rice. But I am still in my calories. I'll have to find out!
I find the brown stuff along with plenty of water helps digestion. What with not eating as much it can be difficult to remain "regular" so anything that helps make sure what little food we eat can move through the body easily is a good thing. x
Oh really? Thanks for the info. Might try brown pasta. Really don't like brown toast so bread will stay white I think.
Brown pasta is lovely :) I like the brown rice too but I know ppl who say it takes a while to get used too! It's a lot chewier but is a lot more tasty.

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I've had brown rice before. Can't remember if I liked it though. Will have to find out.

Today I was quite proud of myself. My mum was out all day so brought some fried chicken fillet burgers and fries home for us for dinner. And I took two bites and I just could not eat it. Went to the kitchen and made myself an omlette. The burger would have been in my calories and stuff, but it just felt like I really shouldn't eat this and don't want to eat it either.

On the other hand, I was planning to go to the gym today but still haven't got round to it :( pure laziness! It's 24 hours though so still time for me to get off my butt and go tonight. I hope I do. If not, I'll definitely go tomorrow.
After some encouragement from a friend I ended up going to the gym and I feel really good now :) pushed myself more than I usually do too which felt good but tiring haha. Definitely glad I went :)
Hi Bostik,

firstly well done for the weight loss, I cant wait to see that happening to me. It sounds like we are quite similar in age so it would be great to swap stories every now an again. I have just started my diet today and at the moment am feeling quite positive.
I have Italian roots in my family and in a similar way to you, it seems food is the centre of absolutley every occasion. Whenever I pop into my Mums there is always a plate or pot of something somewhere. So difficult :sigh:

Anyway, hope to chat soon, keep up the good work.
Yeah, when I moved out of home for uni I think I definitely lost some weight because I wasn't surrounded by so much nice food all cooked and ready to eat! You'll start seeing a loss on the scales very soon hopefully :) You seem to be making positive changes to your diet!
Was in uni today so got a sandwich for lunch. Was so odd. Normally I would just grab a cheese ploughman's without thinking, but today I was reading the calories on the back and cheese sandwiches tend to be the worst! Went for a chicken tikka one on brown bread which was yummy :)


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Well done Bostick, the gym and good sandwich choices, this will all add up you know. Brilliant!

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