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Bought a dress.... whoops!


Slimming down the aisle
I went to town today to get out of the house a bit and try and find a pair of jeans. I accidently spent far too much money as I also bought a dress! I posted a little while ago about my aunts wedding and needing a dress for it. I'd decided to not buy a dress until closer, unless I found one I loved at a price I couldn't miss... and I did!

Found this in a store in town, reduced from £75 for £37.50. What do you guys think? I think it's the right one, but I've got 4 weeks to take it back if I change my mind! I figured £37.50 for the dress and a shawl was an amazing price. It's a really well made and lovely dress.

Just wanted to ask what you guys thought of it!

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wow! And a bargain too! You'l look gorgeous in it hun. Does it fit now? Pics please!!! xxxx


Slimming down the aisle
I love purple too!

Nope, doesn't fit yet. The 18 didn't quite fit properly. So I bought the 16 as the wedding isn't for a couple of months yet. Looking forward to when it fits!
That dress is absolutely beautiful xx
Think it's really pretty Caroline, definitely don't take it back. You'll easy get into it and look fab.


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Very pretty and a great bargain!

Love Mini xxx


dancing queen ;)
i really like it, the shape and everything...I'm sure you'll look gorgeous in it :)
It's gorgeous! I really need an occasion to buy a dress like that for!:D


Slimming down the aisle
I've never been a dress person really. I own three dresses, and that's all I've owned, ever. Well other than when I was a kid. One I bought to wear for my friends hen party, HAD to wear a dress. I hate looking back at the photos. I look horrible! The other I bought for a birthday party and I actually liked. I've worn it probably 4 times. The other is a a dress I love, and have worn once. So that's 6 times that I've worn a dress, that I ever remember! And now I'm quite looking forward to wearing one, especially if I don't feel like a big lump in it!!


Shut up Ethel
Lovely frock - really nice cut, colour etc. I want something like that for this wedding I've got to go to in Sept! can I ask where you got it?


Slimming down the aisle
I got it from a store called Roman Originals. They stock sizes 12 to 22. They had a few left in stock, I know they had 12, 14, 16 and 18.

They have it online in a 12, 14, 16 and 22.

"Roman Originals" Contrast ball gown dress at Roman Originals

They've got some lovely dresses, I'd never been in there before, thought it was all old clothes but obviously I was wrong!

I love these two too...
"Roman Originals" Taffeta panelled dress at Roman Originals
"Roman Originals" Contrast blall gown at Roman Originals
Just wasn't wedding material though really I didn't think.

I just tried it on though, and I can get it on, that's a good start! Could get the zip up an inch or two if I tried but didn't bother. So is enough room that it'll fit in a couple of months, but is a realistic target!

I measured it... me and my trusty measuring tape! Bust is 38in, Waist is 33in, Hips is 42in. So need to lose 3 inches on bust, 4 on waist and 4 on hips. So is definitely doable! Definitely. Like I said, fits on, but doesn't do up. So gave me a rough idea of what it'd look like. I like it! Might have to find a good pair of hold me in knickers though!!
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Slimming down the aisle
In terms of shoes and accessories, what do you guys suggest?


Shut up Ethel
Its quite a pale lilac isn't it - or is yours a darker purple?

I'd probably go with cream, after all it is a wedding. Either ballet flats or some plain cream shoes/sandals. Wedgey mules would be nice. And a cream pashmina and fascinator. Its too delicate to carry a hat. Cream or toning purple clutch bag.

I'd keep jewellery to a minimum....a silver chain or pendant, bangle or bracelet and some plain earrings. Let the dress do the talking!


Shut up Ethel
Oh dear. My credit card is winking at me. They have some really nice things on that website - have never heard of them before! Caroline where's the actual shop? PM me if you would rather not say where you live...

I have to go to a wedding first weekend in Sept. In a castle. In Cornwall. However, my cousins are rather sort of surfy and cool rather than posh and formal, so I have to find something that suits me that isn't too OTT for a fairly relaxed wedding. I'm only short so dont' carry long frocks well. I love hats and have a black one and a cream one both in need of an outing (although I'll happily buy a big fascinator if need be!)

I'm liking this one

"Roman Originals" Spot contrast dress with scarf at Roman Originals

but there's soooo many there. Hmm. Might spend a while spending some money....


Slimming down the aisle
storelocator at Roman Originals
They actually have quite a few stores! I hadn't heard of them before they opened up a store in town though.

It's somewhere between lilac and purple! That's a very well lit photo, so I assume in lots of light it's lighter. But seems to be a dusky lilac to me... I think!

I'm thinking cream too. With simple silver jewellery. It came with a matching shawl thing, but maybe a cream one would be better!

I was thinking how they actually have dresses which would make great bridesmaids dresses. This one included! If I was getting married I'd check them out. £37.50... can't complain! I always think of them as really expensive.

Right, my face mask is starting to go quite hard, I better go take it off!

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