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Bowel habits!!!!

Hi Claire yes I suffer from exactly the same thing - have taken dulcolax this week as I couldn't cope with it any more and they really helped.
also, I find glycerine suppositories help, they are cheap and effective, pop one in (where you want it out! (sorry)) then I usually have a bath or read a book for about 20 mins, then et voila...

Its worth the initial yuckiness x

I agree the fibre supplement helps too, sometimes I also take dulcolax if its really bad - but I am fairly bad even without CD, so stick with it x


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Fraid so. :( (Where's Charlie? She loves a good poo thread :D :D)

And yet the first time I did CD, it didn't bother me at all. Strange. My innards must be getting lazier with age. :)

I probably don't need to say this, but don't start taking a fibre supplement until you've got yourself unbunged with your laxative of choice. :D Sounds like you might already know what works for you.

Remember too that you won't necessarily have the bulk moving through that you're used to anyway - you're eating so much less. So a reduction in the number of times you go per week is to be expected.

Things to try so it doesn't happen again?

Fibre89, available from your CDC (Fibresure is the same sort of stuff, available from most supermarkets / chemists).

Others swear by Psyllium husks (available from health food shops).

Still others use more pharmaceutical sort of things like Movicol - very good, but expensive (worth seeing if you can get some on prescription from your GP if you've got a friendly GP).

And of course, it helps no end to keep glugging the water... :)

Hope you get unbunged soon!


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As Lily says :)

BTW, be very careful of chinese herbal teas. Most aren't allowed on Cambridge. No idea why she's selling you them :(
Thanx KD i dont pay for the tea's but when i do suffer with no movements and have only experinced this since being on CD never had any problems before in my life!!!

She gives me a bag and within 10-11 hours i have bowel movement and lighter in weight. for Me has a person being on CD it has never affected me./or my weight!!!! or did any harm to me i wouldnt use any other chinese herbal products!!


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Cool shanny :) I know most have fruits in them (peel or like) and can knock some people out of ketosis.

Just a reminder folk to check ingredients :)
Thanks ladies - really helpful! I'm going to GP's tomorrow for other things but will ask re. Movicol and suppositries. Can you buy Glycerol over the counter then??

This is gross - but I am def impacted. Could have almost done a manual removal myself earlier and I reckon once cleared I could lose at least another 2lb!!! LOL

Thanks again

Claire xxx


hoping for a good loss
Ooooh a poo thread. Lily you know me far too well pmsl.

Claire, being so constipated is horrible. I really hope your GP will prescribe you Movicol (you can buy it over the counter as well). It is one of the most natural laxatives there is as it draws water in from outside the bowel to soften the poo. Dulcolax is ok, but can cause really nasty side effects and can have quite violent results.

Might sound gross, but if you need to 'help' the poo out, then it might come to that if you are too uncomfortable before the laxatives work. Only do this if it is partly out though - golly I am gross, sorry.

hugs hun, hope things improve soon for you

Charlie xx
Hope you get sorted out soon ClaireMelanie. I use ducolax, but it has very rightly been commented upon that it is a fairly severe laxative when on CD. I mean to buy the physillium husks when I next pass by a health food shop.

I can tell you are a nurse with the terminology, lol! Brings me back to my times on the wards x


hoping for a good loss
LOL at Charlie, you sound like my kind of girl. My humour could be described as toilet like LOL. Rest assured, I have no problems helping it out if needs be xx
Yeah, afraid my homour is very toilet like too. Need it in my job lol.
Build up those finger muscles my girl pmsl

seriously, hope gp can help
Lol, if only I could say that my professional knowledge of manual evacuation is that limited! (might be because I started nursing in 1987 and staffed on acute medical wards) x


hoping for a good loss
Was always having to do manual evacs in the community, was gross. 3 times a week on one bloke and twice a week on another lady. YUCKY lol

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