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oh god i`m so bloated! i have not been to the loo for over a week! and when i did go i wasn`t much lol! my tummy is hard and is sticking out. i had a weigh in on my scales this morning 1 day before my official weigh in and only lost 2lb:(.......i have been taking senna every night with no effect apart from tummy cramps and also been taking dulco ease `cause what i did pass last time was so hard! any advice???? any one else with this problem? i am soooo uncomfortable:(
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Hello Emiclare.
I have the same problem. Not nice. I have an aching abdomen. It feels as though ive been doing sit ups but i havent (though i should be lol.) Everyone keeps giving the same advice about water intake, i dont know about you but I've been finding that aspect quite difficult. Thats probably why Ive been having trouble!! Well done with your loss so far. You started out around the same weight as I did, though im only on week two, I hope i get into the 11s soon!
Have you been drinking the fibreclear? I wasnt given any but I beleive it is supposed to help.
hiya! yeah some days i might not have had enough water i have been rally guzzeling it down over the last few days though! i am going to get some fibre clear today i think! when is your weigh in???


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Honey get some dulcolax and take it! You cant keep on like that, it'll make you ill. Only take one if you havent taken it before and it usually kicks in about 7 to 8 hours after you take it..well it does with me! They say take it when you go to bed but then i wake up in the middle of the night so when ive had it ive taken it about 2 on a day where i KNOW im going to be at home later on in the evening lol xx
Definately take some dulcolax, but don't take any fibreclear as that will only make it worse. I have had similar problems, and to help, I sip my water every 15-20mins throughout the day to help my bowel, it really does help!

Clair x
So sorry, it is a horrible feeling makes me so grumpy too! Definately worth trying dulcolax though, I tried sennakot and it didn't do anything but dulcolax always works for me. Although it says take it at night I have often been that desperate that I have used it in the day and it works exactly the same. Hope your felling better soon x
ok thanks guys! i was getting desperate! was thinking of getting one of my work colleagues to give me an enema!!!


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luckily i havent had any problems with that 'yet' but i hope you do feel better soon hun, apparently fibre clear is good so hopefully it works for you xx
Aww poor you. Been there, done that. One of the downsides of LT in my opinion.

Keep taking 2 senokot with Dulcoease nightly, and when you get up in the morning pop in a Glycerin suppository, and you should go (Works for me every time) Do not take any bulking agents (psyillium husks, fibreclear etc) until you've cleared out, as they will only add to the back up.

Such a delightful subject! It's as well we're all mates here!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Once you get rid of the backlog(lol) with dulcoease you need to take a fibre supplement(fibreclear) everyday and make sure to keep up your water intake. Once a week take a laxative, just to get a clear out. Constipation is one of the downsides of lipotrim but the gain is a speedy weightloss.
Emmi, definately try Dulcolax Perles, tiny gel capsules, they will work, no cramps either just results, the dose is between 2 and 4 capsules on the bottle, take 3 or 4 if you are badly bunged up..takes about 6 hours if taken in the daytime. Or 10 to 12 overnight.

If you take them in the day be prepared, when they work you will need to be round the corner from the loo or else, they "liquify and give you a massive urge!

Good luck!
thanks for all the advice! took the dulcolax and they worked BIG TIME! feel so much better and 2lbs lighter!!!! cheers for the good advice!
i used the tabs.....i took three! but i was VERY bunged up!!! my tummy was so swollen! i had to take several trips to the loo to clear it all! have not been proprely in about 4 weeks! much better now though x
Oh Emmi!, 3 tablets?? surprised you didn't turn inside out! They make me cramp so badly don't use them any more after a nightmare I had at work after taking them..just too embarrassing!

no cramps for me! i get more cramps from senna and hey just dont work! i think because i was sooooo bunged up that 3 was fine x will try to keep my bowels moving now so i don`t have to go through this again!!!!
I'm glad you got sorted out, nothing worse than being bunged up, much prefer to be the other way!..lol

if it happens again, try Dulcolax Perles they are totally the best thing I have tried and they are guaranteed to work..

Did the tablets give you the runs at all?

no not the runs! it was SOILD! really hard i think i was impacted. i work on a stroke ward and see alot of this! i and more symathetic to my patients now after going through it myself! lol!
Oh Emmi, nightmare!!!, not good at all, you could have ended up with a fissure!..so horrid, poor you!

Definately use the Dulcolax Perles, non habit forming and definately will liquify even the most stubborn blockage!

Aparently it's the same basic drug used in the things used to clear the bowel before an Endoscopy.. tiny tiny capsules but oh so potent!!!. When they start working it's run at first warning, second warning is too late!..lol

Effective though!..lol


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