Boxing Day


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Morning folks. Happy Boxing day!

This is going to be my last day of having food over the festive period. After an evening meal on 24th and food all day yesterday, I have had enough. I am eating out at a friends for lunch today but my body is well and truly sick of feeling full. i am actually longing to get back to how I feel on CD.
Back on CD full time as of tomorrow. I don't care about the meal with friends on New Year's Eve or alcohol or anything. I want to get back to feeling good!
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Hi Alexice,

I had Xmas dinner and a few chocs and I am having Boxing day dinner today too and like you will be returning to cd tomorrow. I feel quite chuffed though as even though I chose to eat for Xmas it was controlled and no major blow out was had and no major bloating happened. I feel cd really has changed my way of eating and the choices I make when choosing what and how much I want to eat.

I'm sure you probably found the same -the fact you are looking forward to returning to cd tomorrow and the recognised feeling of wellbeing is such a good thing, well done hun and hope you had a fab Xmas day xx.


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hey alex, well i hope you had a good christmas

im back on cambridge today and am so glad. i was good yesterday only having a little of the stuff off plan but my stomachs so painful today

ended up sat crying yesterday, i bought a dress, lost a bit more weight and yet it still looked awful, i felt like a whale in it, next year i am soooooo going to but a nice dress


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I feel the same way. I've been doing SS+ for 18 months. I ate 'normally' (ie what everyone else was having) and I felt so ill last night. It's just not worth it. Nothing beats the feeling of control you have and the sense of well-being you get from this diet. Started back today on it as I didn't want another day like yesterday.


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a few days ago i decided i was having xmas day and boxing day off CD, even tho i didnt go mad yesterday like i would have normally i have felt so ill in the night, stomach was bad and really really bad indigestion ive got up this morning and decided i dont want to feel like that again so have gone back to SS+ today


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S: 164kg C: 105.9kg G: 98kg BMI: 35 Loss: 58.1kg(35.43%)
yes the indigestion is not nice at all. I have just got back from Boxing Day lunch at friend's parents and that's it - back on SS for the next 3 months then I shall have a little break, back on for 2 more months, break over the summer then lose anything left to lose next autumn. That's my plan!


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This Christmas has been a bit of a revelation for me - usually I overeat mahoossively and start with trifle for brekkie on Boxing day, followed by most of the sweets we have been given (it's almost a race to empty the fridge). However, like others on here, I did feel too full yesterday (even though I'm now on 1800 calories and no CD meals) so today I have stuck with 1800 cals (unheard of for Boxing day with all of the goodies waiting to be finished off) and feel that I'm controlling my intake for the first time in years. I think sometimes CD has a bad press regarding retraining eating, but if you work up through the plans you get to feel what is right for you and you can recognise when you've had too much - it gives you a gauge. I look totally different from last Christmas and I want to stay this way in 2010 and beyond. Hope everyone had a good Christmas and enjoyed themselves


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S: 164kg C: 105.9kg G: 98kg BMI: 35 Loss: 58.1kg(35.43%)
Boardwitless - good for you! Very well done. I think I can say i ate more htan I should have but not as much as I would have pre CD so I am counting it as progress!