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Bra sizes...


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Miss Mango

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Oh thanks MsJMC, I'll check that out later on when I'm alone to be able to measure! :)
Did a proper check recently as I have not been wearing a bra for ages (76ers often don't bother!) Wondered why I couldn't get into my 38B bra only to discover I am actually 45C! EEK! Kept checking it over and over and had to come to the conclusion that I AM a fatty after all! lol!

Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
I'm a 34F which is a cup size lower than what I was, so I must have lost some inches. I thought my bra was a little bigger on me! :p


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mine says 32C

ive been wearing the wrong size for years then, either that or theyve grown...

edit: didnt relaise the tape was slack...
says 32A/AA now. :/ i used to be a 34B!


Strong women stay slim
They did a programe on TV with a person going frpm shop to shop trying on bras , she was different sizes in some , thats why this is a guide and M&S are good , if you book up they will get someone to fetch and carry bras in and out till they find the right one ... as my friend had this done , i wait almost 2 hours sitting down and she never brought one , hoo bet that woman was thinking .... i'll kill her lol


Strong women stay slim
Your welcome , I will go bra shopping in few weeks see how they compare to this site .
Wouldn't calculate my size

Using the traditional way i'm supposed to be a 42G but this size is always too big on the back by trial and error I've worked out that i'm a 40E or 38E/F depending on the style and make. M&S Autograph are the best I've found, the M&S ceriso range are just a crazy fit on me. Strange since theyre both the same make.


Strong women stay slim
Yes , they say so many of us walk around in wrong sizes ...
And all bras are different even if they are made by same company , M&S are good if you book with them to have a fitting , they will make sure it all fits even if they have the shop upside down lol
I'm a 20D... I went to Target one day as they advertise bra fitting and I waited.... and waited for the lady to come back to check the bra size I was wearing and she never came back!!!!
IM a 38g according to m&s. I only buy my bras here as alot of shops don't go bigger then a d cup. Got measured in Debenhams at christmas and the bra i got fitted nicely in shop. Got home, wore bra going out that night and straps kept falling down and at 1 stage when i was dancing my boobs fell out. Just aswell i didn't have a low cut top on i would have taken someones eye out.

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