Braces as an adult?

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  1. Spanglymum

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    I've been thinking ahead to what I'd like to do for myself when I reach goal again and have been seriously considering getting a brace on my top teeth (my lower ones are fine). They have bugged me since childhood, but my mother wouldn't allow me to have braces when the dentist offered as in her view it was "just vanity"! Anyway, I'm in the process of contacting local orthodontists (my nhs dentist can't refer me because although my teeth are very crooked they are very healthy - go figure!!) and wondered if anyone on here had personal experience of having a fixed appliance as an adult? I know I'll probably be looking at two to three years but I've wanted to do this for YEARS so I'm prepared for that.

    All experiences good/bad welcome. Thanks!
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  3. beckyk

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    Hey Spanglymum, I am a dental nurse and have have a fixed brace on twice as I didn't wear my retainer :( All I will say is go for it! I had tooth coloured brackets so that made the brace much less noticeable. I am 30 and probably going to have a brace again as I am useless at wearing my retainer so once I've completed my weight loss journey I'm going to have a brace then a fixed on retainer to hold them still so I can't forget to wear it. There are so many adults having braces or Invisalign now. Hope this has helped a little :)
  4. tlbanks

    tlbanks Well-Known Member

    Invisalign are brilliant! really helped my crooked, gappy smile lol & I'm way past 30. Go for it!

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