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Hi guys,

Firstly please dont tell me off i know i need to get mesured but im a little scared!!

Ok so does anybody actually understand bras? lol I feel ashamed as a woman to admit i havent a bloody clue!

Before LT i was a 38C so having lost 3 and a half stone you would assume i would be qute a bit smaller?! My 38C bras are now a bit big in the cup, i tried my old 36B bras on and i am bulging and have 4 boobs:eek: you know the look girls!
I went out to buy 38B the other day and when i got home it was a 36D....its a bit tight on my back but the cup fits perfectly!!!!

Oh and when i measure myself it comes out as a 38A lol
HELP!!!!:D xxxxxx
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hi tracy
im the same. i was a 38dd and cup is now a bit big. wen i was measured, the lady lady sed 44gg lol that cant b rite!!!! so many shops ave diff sizes. m & s or new look i think ave the best sizes. where did u get it from? im useless buyin bras. i never know wot the prefect size is and wether the cup "fits" lol.


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Glad its not just me hun! Weird isnt it, but i measured myself as a 38A whats that about? lol. Did you get my reply on the job hun? x
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When I did lipotrim before, I was measured when I got to my target weight and yes the back size went down, but oddly the cup size went up. That was courtesy of the Debenhams measuring lady.

Hope that happens this time. LOL

Take Care

Michelle x


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Maybe that has happened with me! Lol they look smaller to me! xx
i did thanks tracy. i do actaully ave a question bout that....they sed i need to b immunized b4 i can go into surgery. but which ones? they didnt say. hope they wont affect ketosis?

Errrrr....not really sure wot to say bout the measurement. 38a seems small..mayb measurements r wrong? jus a guess.


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Yeah def have your vaccintions hun. Hepititis B is the main 1 you must have before you can work in surgery. You you should check your tetanus, pertusis, etc etc too! Hep B is 3 vaccinations i think so you need to get going with them, not sure bout them affecting ketosis xx


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G: 10st7lb

I went into bravissimo just before christmas and got measured, as i thought i should be a 44DD....Bravissimo lady said "OOOOOOh no!" and whipped me into a 40GG. you wouldn't believe the difference. not only do my boobs now look like boobs, but my shape is so much better.


rach xxx


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Wow Rach thats a bit different isnt it? lol I really need to just go and be measured xx
thanx tracy. i officially start on tues and ave to ring o.h. nurse to arrange them. god i hope they dont. dont think i cud face gettin into ketosis all ova again. but my theory is that im not consumin owt, and the injections go straight into my blood stream.
found this site....

Measuring Guide

mite help....


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OOh thanks hun ill have a look. Good luck with the vaccinations, some practices y the way let you work in surgery without immunisations but they shouldnt so be careful xx


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G: 10st7lb
Wow Rach thats a bit different isnt it? lol I really need to just go and be measured xx
Yes....it was! my boyfriend was highly delighted! (although not at the price of the bras)

In all seriousness, I don't have half as much back pain as I used to and they were so good - I can't recommend bravissimo enough!

r xxxx


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Lol i bet he was delighted, my disappearing boobs has been the downside of LT according to my bf!
I might give Bravissimo a go hun although marks and spencer seem to be highly rated! xxx
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Hi Tracy

I've been measured a couple of time recently. The basic principle is, for example, if you were a 36E but felt the band was a little loose but the cups fitted perfectly you would go down to a 34F, if both the band and the cup were loose you would go for a 34E. In a nutshell the smaller the band the bigger the cup size usually. It can be slightly different for us as we are loosing quite a bit of weight so usually loose off the band and cup size. In practice I was a 40D and am now a 30F or 32E. Hope this is making some kind of sense!! Oh one other thing, throw the tape measure away as they come out with silly sizes! I was advised when having fittings that the band should be tight, you should be able to get one finger underneath it only and should support most of the weight.



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Ah that was great G, So i guess the 36D im wearing could be about right! Just feels a little tigher than normal but cup feels great!
Cheers hun xx
PHEWWWW!Complicated................ Glad im still in vests!:p
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
The sexy string kind??!


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Think ill be in vests soon!! x
Of course tucked into my Y fronts;) xx

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