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Bravo to George at Asda


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All rise please for a standing ovation for George at Asda!

I was looking for a wooly cardy today and had a wander around the George clothing section while I was in Asda. I walked around the corner to a brand new section for sizes 18 to 28!! C'mon Asda! Yay!

The clothes are really nice, not frumpy at all. They have jeans, combat trousers, jumpers, skirts, trendy blouses etc all up to a size 28 and they are cheap compared to Evans.

I bought myself a really nice cream and brown wrap cardy. It sounds disgusting LOL, but it's really nice. My 3 yr old, bless her, says I look like a princess in it.. awwww. Don't you just love kids when they're sweet?

For a sample of what they're selling, CLICK HERE

Me being the nosey bugger that I am asked the woman on the George counter if this section was staying. She said that a plus size (grrrr I hate that phrase) had been requested many times, and that yes, it would be staying.

Well done to George for listening to the people!!
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Funnily enough my oh just called and asked what size i would wear for a cardie as he'd one in asda which was long and coat like for £10 and he wanted to buy me one. George is the only place i buy clothes, i resent paying evans prices.
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fab!!! I love george anyway.. so to know they will have a few more bits in my size is really good news.. thanks for the posting!


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:cry:waaa waaa!!! i don't like any of it. have just got back from shopping and bought NOTHING!!!

evans is particularly sh*te at the moment, as it always is! ....i actually walked around the shop and there is not one item i would consider wearing.

i looks like i'm too fat to be fussy - or the other way around!

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That is great news. I always thought Evans' prices took advantage of its captive market.

Now if I can just get the image of Indian sweatshops out of my mind. When things are too cheap, someone somewhere always loses out.


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Fabulous news - will have a looksee when I get some pennies :clap:


rainbows holiday buddy :)


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Evans is an absolute rip off, wouldn't mind if it was good quality!!

Try www.yoursclothing.co.uk

It's brilliant and cheap!
Ohh I love that purple chiffon dress on the page you linked to. I've book marked it and will take a browse later. Not that I've got any money! Hubby's motorbike needs 'new shoes'. a pair of tyres is £150. What I want to know is how it's ok for him to spend £150 on a 'pair of shoes' for his bike, but I have to make do with £20! Something wrong here methinks!


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My local Asda has a separate George shop in a different building just to the side of Asda so its fairly big.
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I've just ordered an animal print shrug, and a black jersey dress from that Yours site! Thanks for that website


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Excellent must get down to asda and have a look, Evans is ok if you want to spend money but it can be pricey, i think that whilst losing weight i don't want to spend a fortune . Anything which i previously bought from asda has been great and i sometimes get the kids stuff from there too and it washes fine

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