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Consolidation Bread in Conso!


Goat herder(ess)
I'm reading up on Conso at the moment, as I'm nearing the end of my Cruise period.

Please could anyone give me some guidance on the bread allowance? The book says 2 slices, but my homemade bread is quite thick, so I'm thinking that perhaps I'd be allowed one only of that. Is there a weight allowance at all for the bread? If there is, I can't find it in the book and it would be really useful to know.

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I don't have slices of bread, I have chunks!

You're allowed 40-50gr per day of wholemeal (preferably) bread. I alternate between wholemeal baguette (bought), home-made wholemeal (no grains) or rice cakes (2).

Hope you get to conso very soon.


Goat herder(ess)
Thanks so much, Laura. Is there a reason for not having grains in the bread, please? At the moment, my homemade bread is a mixture of white flour and 4-grain flour (wholemeal with 4 different grains in it) plus some pumpkin seeds. Is this not advisable, do you reckon?

It's light in texture, but one thinnish slice weighs around 50-55g, so I'd definitely only be able to have one thin slice per day. Still, it's far better than having none! :)
My Mum was always advised to avoid them because it bumped up her blood sugar too much (she was diabetic). I know seeds are high in fat too (although good fat), so probably too much in the way of extra carbs and fat.

I don't know what Dukan says though, that was just my experience - my book has gone awol.


Goat herder(ess)
Thanks again, Laura. Whilst it doesn't taste as good without them, I don't want to ruin my Conso chances. I think it does say something about adding bran, so I might do that to give the bread a bit of interest. Will look that up.


** Chief WITCH **
I'd definitely advise avoiding any seeds initially and stick to plain wholemeal... (good idea to bake your own but, if not a domestic goddess, I remember looking at the composition of Nimble wholemeal when Vicky was at target and it looked fine...). 40g yes is the quantity advised, at least initially, as the initial rise from 3 or 4 PPs with 3 or 4 PVs in the week, to 6 PVs plus fruit, plus cheese, plus starch, plus gala meal, is quite a hike...

In time, definitely move onto adding in healthy seeds...

But I'd advise caution initially. 40g bread really is very little. A snack really, the size of your palm if "proper bread", larger if "industrially produced" bread but not as consistent.


Dukan Ancestor!!

sorry for the delay. Yes the bread should be 100 wholemeal wheat but no seeds etc as Jo said, and do weigh your slices to start with, I found my homemade plain was about 80gr a 'normal slice :eek: as my breadmaker pan is quite small and tall...

As for taste you'll find that Stoneground Wholemeal does have quite a nice nutty taste, and you won't miss the seeds too much.

I think the bread allowance is 40-60gr, but do start with 40, as Jo explained.

As time went by I found that I was still losing weight on Phase I conso so now I am allowing 60gr bread max. It's still only a thin slice but later I found that WM Pittas and Tortilla Wraps are exactly 60gr - yay, allowing more variety! I would advise lots of weighing to start with until you get a feel for it. And stick to wholemeal as much as you can.

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