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morning ladies, wee bit of advice please...

Ive been having an Alpen light bar as my HEXB since i started sw almost 2 weeks ago but it was suggested that i vary this.

What would be the best type of bread loaf to buy... Or maybe it doesnt matter as long as its wholemeal? Ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help x
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selwonk said:
As long as it's the small (400g) loaf size and not a standard then any should be fine.

I like hovis and lots of people on here use weight watchers.

Hth x
The 400g hovis is my fav also prefer it to WW and nimble bread tbh
I find that somehow a wholemeal breadroll seems denser and more filling than wholemeal bread. I know that tesco healthy living ones definitely count as a HEB, but any sort should be fine, just pop it on your scales and check its no bigger than 57g. You also need to make sure that you pick WHOLEMEAL - should be made with WHOLE grain flour - wheat flour or granary doesnt count - and seeded bread will mean syns.

You do get to have 3 slices of WW brown danish (not malted) - but it does pretty much taste like air. Hovis or warburtons is a bit tastier, but only 2 slices.


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I use the following as my B:

4 Ryvita Originals
2 Slices Hovis WM bread
1 Hi Fi bar

I swap them around all the time.
I use the following as my hebs and as above, mix them up

All bran
Warburtons small load bread
Hifi bar
Bran flakes
Wm roll ( can't find any that are exactly 57g so end up using a couple of syns
WM pitta bread

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