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Cruise PP "Breakfast biscuits"


Dukan Ancestor!!
So here are the biscuits I have been trying today. I used this recipe as inspiration, and it's just a variation on an old theme!
Biscuits matin, recette Dukan - Recettes Dukan pour le Régime Dukan

BUT made a change to the brans so I used:

3 TB Oat bran
1 TB Wheat bran
1 Egg
1 TB sweetener
1 TB Quark
1/2 ts almond flavouring

Mixed it all up and shaped into 3 equal flat rounds (think digestive biscuit, a it thicker) on a silicone baking mat.

Baked at 200C Fan for about 25 mins, turned over to dry them out a bit more and baked for another 5-10, till edges were browning and crisp.

Of course the turning over part is a personal preference and not necessary!

Was not allowed to eat then and there, except for a little corner, and they were crisp and tasty on the edges, a bit softer in the middle.

This morning after a night in a airtight tin they were quite hard, a bit less crispy. Very tasty but you'll need to dunk them in tea or definitely have a drink with them. I only had one, and it was quite filling too, I think I could feel it swelling in my stomach :eek:

Remember - 1 biscuit = 1 TB oatbran so you can only have TWO a day in Cruise / Conso.
I am still looking for portable ways to have my oatbran, and this recipe makes 3 biscuits - each containing 1 TB of Oatbran which makes it easier to work out portions. If you adjust the Oatbran down to 2TB and maybe reduce the quark a bit you might get two out of it. Or double the recipe and make 6 = 3 days.

I liked this one better than the recipe I tried before, which was supposed to make lots of little ones as I find it fiddly to shape the biscuits and also to divide them up properly into daily rations etc.
Having a biscuit that's 1 TB of Oatbran helps me in Stab when I have, say, 2Tb in my breakfast porridge (3 is to much!) and need to find a way of adding the last one, that's not 'stir into yoghurt'. Of course you're slightly under the max permitted wheatbran allowance if you only have two as per above recipe.
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** Chief WITCH **
Looks great. Crunch is all too lacking on this diet!


** Chief WITCH **
I find it fiddly to shape the biscuits and also to divide them up properly into daily rations etc.
I was just thinking about this and had an idea. My Grandma used to make lovely little round shortbread biscuits. She'd shape her "dough" into a thick sausage (hand rolled onto a board) and then cut her biscuits with a knife.

I wonder whether the mixture would lend itself to that sort of shaping...


Dukan Ancestor!!
Thanks Jo - but I have the impression that any mixture with oatbran, egg and no fat is very sticky and not cohesive to submit to much rolling at all I found so far. For the little ones I took a 1/2 TB scoop (I needed to be precise to split my mixture into several days...) and flattened with a wet glass. the big ones is did with my fingers but it was fairly messy...
For the small ones, maybe a your approach might work, but with wrapping in clingfilm and freezing a bit before slicing?
shall try them tomorrow xx


** Chief WITCH **
let us know Scrumps... I like the sound of little biscuits... (as you guys can see from my menus, I like small portions of several things rather than just one dish of the same thing!)


Dukan Ancestor!!
Yes for small biscuits I'm going to try a recipe that's more liquid so you spoon small amounts into muffin cases, as I said above, I find the shaping is a pain otherwise :).


Gone a bit quiet
Ginger muffins....... anyone

Has anyone tried making Ginger muffins? Tried chocolate with Dukan reduced fat cocoa but a bit un chocolatey.
SO I tried making the muffins from the Dukan recipe book adn they just came out like scrambled egg! Any ideas? I will try the biscuits though - how much wheatbran are you allowed?


** Chief WITCH **
what was the recipe of the book?
My muffins are on p.1 of the long recipe thread, with photo.


grammar police
tried these today and approve - could have done with more sweetener and perhaps a little more flavouring but all in all they went down well. definitely quite filling too!

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