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breakfast fillers?


Vegetarian who lives2eat
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Had a change for brekkie today, had oats so simple and i ryvita (HEXb) I normally have eggs beans toast, wow what a difference, It is only been an hour since I ate it and I am already hungry ! It must be something to do with protein ? gonna have to boil a couple of eggs now. Does anyone else find themselves hungry too quick or do you eat something different that fills you for longer?
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I have either cereal/milk, oats + fruit, or beans + toast. I find that after cereal and fruit i get really hungry quickly, and if i have the beans/toast I can go longer. But either way when i've been on my cross trainer I'm starving anyway, so I have a snack lol. xx


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I'm the same! If I have weetabix, I'm starvin marvin within an hour, whereas 2 eggs on toast keep me going for hours. Protein definitely fills you up for longer.


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I know exactly what you mean! After cereal and fruit, I get really hungry again at about 9am! So then I tend to have a 'second brekkie' of yog and fruit. Eggs definitely are much more filling and for longer, too.



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I usually have 2 eggs with toast for brekkie. If i have anything else I know it's going to be a long hungry slog until lunch. I never eat cereal because it makes my stomach feel hollow and I end up having lunch at 10a.m. LOL. I think it's defo the protein that helps keep me full when I have eggs.


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I have to say I feel full for ages after quorn sausage, fried mushroom, half a tin of tomatoes and 3 slices of weight watchers Danish Brown. You could even fry some tomatoes with the mushroom and if you don't like tin tomatoes you could dry fry a egg, poach a egg or scramble one. It is free and used I HEb.


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I find weetabix and All bran the most filling cereal for me, porridge just doesn't satisfy for long enough - but when I have my brekkie eggs they keep me going until lunch time....I think it is the protein too.


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Ditto re eggs! But If I have weetabix crunchy bran 42g with a chopped banana and VL fat fromage frais, then I don't need to snack before lunch. I have a theory that VLFFF fills you up more. I do the same with all bran.


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did you watch that diet documentary a few months ago- it was proven that egg(protein) makes u feel fuller for longer!!! xx


Vegetarian who lives2eat
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No I didnt, but interesting that Judimac says by add lfff which is protein lasts longer. instead of milk, will stick to my eggs I think
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I had syn free beef sausages from local butcher and bacon on 2 slices bread today for brekkie and it filled me up a lot. They say protein is an appetite suppressor.


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wow... am still loving the idea of having a "fry up" for breakfast on a "diet" :)
might just have quorn sausages and egg for brekkie tomororw...:) or brunch... its weekend, i am DETERMINED to have a lie in....

def think that eggs and protein fill you up more, and like byron said, been scientifically proven!!

i dont really notice hunger pangs between breakfast and lunch i always thought the earlier i started eating the more hungry i would be... im ok til i start eating lol so dont usually have breakfast til about 11... then lunch at 2-3pm.....used to try and hold off eating for as long as i could coz once i started i just wanted more!

although its not so bad on slimming world coz theres lots of yummy stuff i know i can eat for free! xx

frugal fifer

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did you watch that diet documentary a few months ago- it was proven that egg(protein) makes u feel fuller for longer!!! xx
I am sure it also said that the vlf dairy products helped absorb more fat than full fat ones.

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