Breakfast Ideas


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You can still have both - if you have oatso simple porridge, 1 packet made with milk is only 4pp. I put banana and fresh blueberries in mine to bulk it out. You could add a teaspoon of honey for 1pp too.

Or, I sometimes have Total 0% greek yogurt for 2pp with a load of fruit and honey....

Eggy toast - 1 slice ww thick brown bread, dipped in egg and dry fried served with a load of berries and a sprinkle of splenda.....


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I always eat a banana first thing - fills you up for 0pp, and so not being too hungry then helps with portion control for your "proper" breakfast.

A poached egg or egg fried in frylight along with some mushrooms fried in frylight is only 2pp and very filling! And that along with your banana would mean 2 of your 5 a day already.
-Porridge made with water, with honey and strawberries
-Weetabix with warm skimmed milk and sultanas
-Low fat natural yoghurt with mixed dried fruit and nuts or seeds
-Low fat natural yoghurt with honey and chopped banana