Breakfast ideas


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I don't eat brekkie too often-NOT a morning person. Drink tea and then it's brunch really. But in work I do, I'm a nurse be dead on my feet without it! But my problem is cereals I only like the sweet ones-porridge makes me feel sick the texture-and the sweet ones 30g or so doesn't fill me! I can't cook in work for brekkie such as sausies or something, don't eat eggs, fruit for brekkie give me heartburn and all I seem to eat is toast, jam and banana but I have like pasta for lunch so wanna cut down carbs as finding it hard to lose!

Anyway what my spiel has been for us to ask for brekkie ideas I may have missed though I'm prob just too pickie :( any help really appreciated :D x
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I struggle with breakfast as well, purely as i also work shifts and most of the time i'm either working or sleeping at breakfast time.

How about having something that may not be considered a breakfast item such as taking in a Thermos flask of home made soup? That way it is low points and filling. There isn't a law which says breakfast can't be something different :)


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How about a WW cappuchino (1) and a cereal bar? Most cereal bars are 2 or 3 PP and with the cappuchino they fill me up.


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How about 2/3 pieces of fruit cut up in a bowl and a pot of youghurt poured on top. The fruit is free and you only have to point the youghurt and its so filling (and good for you ;)).

I usually have that along with a sandwich at work and it fills me up until dinnertime. :)