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Breakfast ideas

What do you have for breakfast? I seem to be having omelettes a lot and I'm not happy about it (scrummy tho they are). Can you give me some more ideas? I'm a real breakfast person and don't seem to get as hungry mid-morning with eggs as with other breakfasts so'd like something just as filling.
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- Two weetabix (HEXB) and a banana with some milk from your HEXA

- Large bowl of fruit and berries with low fat natural yoghurt

- Bacon, egg, beans and brown bread (HEXB)

- Beans on Toast (bread HEXB)

- Bran Flakes (HEXB) and Milk (HEXA) and kiwi fruit

- Scrambled egg with mushrooms and onions

- Soup (I know that sounds weird but it really is lovely in winter!)

- Porridge (HEXB) with optional fruit


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Top 3 at the moment are...

Chopped banana, sharon fruit, kiwi and blueberries with an activia FF vanilla yogurt on top - Free

Slices of polenta done in fry light with a HEa of cheese sprinkled over and a tine of sainsbury's vegetable ravioli - Free apart from the HEa (this is more of a brunch than breakfast as it's very filling, I usually have this if I've been out in the morning without chance for breakfast)

A slice of toasted wholemeal bread with sliced banana to make a sandwich and an aldi optifit muesli yoghurt - Free apart from the HEb


Where's Skinny Minnie?
Oh yeah - boiled pudding rice cooled slightly then mixed with a yoghurt and berries is delicious too and filling (didn't quite make the top 3) x
I have either fruit any vlf yoghurt or bran flakes with skimmed milk and either banana or raisins.

I love eggs - this morning we had eggy bread and I also tried making the syn-free pancakes from the recipe board here.

If I'm really needing a huge tasty brekkie, I spend some syns on a bagel and have it with scrambled egg and bacon (on a red day)...or smoked salmon.


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i like my melon in the morning for breaky normally, i normally have about half a melon, even though i sometimes have a whole one :).
At the weekend i have the full works, bacon, morrisons low fat sausages, egg, eggy bread, mushrooms, can't beat it at the weekend.
or scrambled egg on toast.
I can't wait until it's melon season again to have that (that's the great thing about living here - we have seasonal fruit. So tasty).

Thanks everyone. Some scrummy ideas. I've also just discovered four ryvitas are a HexB - much more filling than two tiny slices of bread!
Umm..Green Day: Baked Beans, tinned new potatoes (fried), mushrooms, quorn sausages and egg (all free)
Red Day: Tinned tomatoes, egg, Morrisons low fat pork sausages, bacon, mushrooms.
Poached eggs on toast
2 weetabix (HeB) with 250 ml semi skimmed milk (HeA)
Fresh fruit and a Mullerlite yoghurt

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