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Can't speak for red days as I do 100% green:

Cottage cheese with chopped hard boiled egg.
Frozen berries with yogurt.
Scrambled eggs.
Omlette with any free fillings.

Or, use some HEs, too.
Brown toast with soldiers.
Egg on brown toast.
Beans on brown toast.
'Fry' up with quorn sausages, eggs, toast, beans, mushrooms etc.
Cheesey omlette.

There's no need to be bored on SW. What have you been having so far?


GREEN day,
maybe scrambled eggs and beans on toast?
omlette filled with what ever veg you have going ie, peppers, mushrooms ect or could put new potatoes chopped up into it?
new pots sliced and fried in frylight, tinned toms, fried eggs(frylight) and quorn saussages?
mussli and your fav syn free yogurt all mixed in together with mixxed berries YUMMY
hope that helps you a little hun :D


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Yesterday we had run out of milk so I couldn't have cereal, so I had 2 Shape Fuller for longer yogurts and 2 pears...
Kept me going until lunchtime at 14:00 and it means that I haven't decided my day at breakfast !!

Hope that helps



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WOW thank you so much guys ive been having porrrige, feel rushed as have a 9 month baby and since she has been born ive been living off toast hence no weight loss!!!

il give all the above a go!!! xxx (one day at a time)


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I stick mainly to porridge, it's boring but I do like it.
If I feel like a change I have an omelette and put free foods in it. I mainly do EE so I can put cheese, peppers, mushrooms, onions or bacon in it.
I like poached eggs or scrambled eggs on toast, baked beans, bacon and sometimes tinned new pots, sliced up and fried in fry light.
Yoghurt with sliced fruit...mango, banana, strawberries etc and maybe some toast.
Fruit salad and keep changing the fruit. have some melon, mango, banana, pear, strawberries, mandarin segments, peaches or nectarines....the list goes on and on...lol.
Or for a light breakfast have some ryvitas and cottage cheese.
if you normally have toast you could have wholemeal bread and take from your hex b allowance.....syn your low fat marg - marmite is free....(if you like it!) but maybe have some fruit to to fill up....bananas start me off in the morning...but i like mine chopped up in my porridge! Just try to stick to just your allowance of bread though so you don't go overboard.....


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I sometimes have 'rice pudding' ie cooked pudding rice (boiled in water) then mixed with a muller and fresh fruit (toffee muller and a banana is my fave this week) - I make it the night before and chill it, so it is a lot like having muller rice, but it is syn free and uses no A or B choices. Obviously free on green or EE, and just as good warm (but I would never have time to make it in the morning)
I usually leave a bowl of frozen fruit out in the fridge before i go to bed (bag from tescos £1.29 and contain kiwi, mango, pineapple, grapes, oranges) and have it with fat free natural yogurt in the morn! Its yummy! :D
red days

hi i normaly do mostly red days i have bran flakes with bannana
bacon on a wholemeal roll
full fry up bacon eggs tomatoes
toast with eggs or cheese
scrambled eggs
morrisons also have some diet sausages that are free but not tried them yet hope this helps


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I either have loads of fruit, or cereal/porridge. It depends if I'm doing red or EE that day.

I tend to do red @ w/ends. Today I had porridge. It was cold and wet when I got up:sigh:

I had the most fab SW grill this morning.... light choice suasages, two poached eggs, bacon, grilled toms, 149g Baked Beans, mushrooms.... to be honest it could have lasted me all day.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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