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Breakfast without HE A & B


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poached egg ,beans, quorn sausages tomatoes
fruit salad and fat free yogurt
thats my normal brekkies
I do this sometimes. I normally have fruit (banana, apple, apricots) and a FF yog. You could have boiled/poached eggs and grilled bacon & toms as well, but it's strange without the bread!


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In the week I'll often have fresh fruit and yoghurt and on a weekend I have bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and low fat sausages if I have them. I don't miss bread with a cooked breakfast and it's better if I scramble the egg as there's no yolk to dip!!
Usually yog & raspberries for me or yog and banana. Delicious.
You could have scrambled eggs, Mushrooms & plummed tomatoes.

If your needing a quicker dinner, then i'd go for fruit & FF yog option :)

What plan are you doing? Are you on EE & so only have the 1 option for HEa & b?
I had a tub of very low fat cottage cheese with fresh blueberries and fresh diced peach the other morning. It was lovely!
My HexA always goes on tea/coffee and my hexB is usually reserved for my cereal bars. I very occasionally use my HexB on shredded wheat bitesize for with my fruit and yogurt if I am seriously starving or I have run out of cereal bars :eek: but generally I just have a giant bowl of fruit and yogurt.


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usually i have fruit and yogurt.
i dont like to use my hea or b for my meals at all.......i usually use mine for a morning or afternoon snack.


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*fruit salad topped with mullerlight
*eggs, bacon, mushrooms & tomatoes -red day
*dry fried potatoes, eggs, beans, mushrooms & tomatoes - green day
* omelette made with eggs, chicken, mushrooms and onions - red day
* omelette made with eggs, mushrooms, onions and sweet corn - green day - if you make it thick and chunky its almost like pizza with the sweet corn!

I don't usually do breakfast though - usually wait until about midmorning. Or you could split your HE in half, so instead of having 2 weetabix for brekkie, have one weetabix for brekkie and then use the other half of your HEB for a slice of wholemeal toast topped with loads of chicken for lunch.


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i always use my HEa and HEb for breakfast couldnt imagine my morning without my fruit & fibre, i love it!!! Also i dont need any sugar in this cereal as all the fruit sweetens it up. If I didnt use them i would probably have beans, mushrooms, bacon (no fat) and 2eggs yum :) x
Thanks everyone, you have certainly given me food for thought. I am trying to stick to EE so don't want to use my HE up too quick in the day!
Slice some potatoes and onions and place on a baking tray and spray with frylight. Pop on some quorn sausages too. Cook in oven for about 20-30 mins. Have with mushrooms and tin plum toms. Not quick but filling and free on green and EE.

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