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Slimming down the aisle
Do you find yourself (when you can) avoiding breakfast for as long as possible? I do! I don't really know why, I think that I just think that if I wait until later, I'm less likely to get hungry and screw it all up over the rest of the day! When I'm in school or at uni I have to have breakfast before 8 but now on a rare day that I'm at home, or at the weekends, I find myself putting it off. It's almost 10 and I've not had breakfast yet. Someone tell me they do this too and I'm not crazy?!
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I'm afraid all these reports about eating breakfast to boost your metabolism and cut down calories overall throughout the day has been drilled into me! I never used to eat breakfast, at all, until I was in my mid twenties. But now I have it every single morning, within an hour of waking up. It doesn't have to be a big thing. Even just a slice of toast is better than nothing and kick starts your metabolism.


Slimming down the aisle
Problem is, I feel like it'll kickstart my hunger too! I have breakfast, lunch and dinner, i just wait til later for breakfast most of the time.
I avoided breakfast for 12 years!! Only started eating it 2 weeks ago and with my exersize and eati g healthy ive lost weight.... I used to wait til 12 or 1pm for lunch and just avouded it but i eat a cerial bar, toast or even a yogart now anythinkg to help my matabolism... I used to avoid it all the time and finding it hard to remember eat in the morning lol
I used to eat breakfast when I first started calorie counting but I had to force myself and my stomach didn't like eating in the morning so I stopped eating breakfast and I still don't eat it.

I eat at 1pm-2pm. I still have 3 meals just start at lunch.

It has had no effect on my metabolism or weightloss at all.

I think as long as you eat regularly (so not all in one meal) and at calories you're ok. Well I am anyway, what time I eat makes no difference.

I also eat late at night, again this has made no difference

I think the problem some people have with not eating breakfast is that they get really hungry so when they do eat they make the wrong food choices and eat too much.
I am just not a breakfast person. It really isn't for me. When I started calorie counting, I remember always reading eat breakfast, essential for weight loss. So I tried it for a week. That whole week I struggled so much. First I was forcing breakfast down. And then the rest of the day I wanted to eat constantly. So now I don't eat it.

I wake up normally but only get hungry around 12-2pm usually. So that's when I have my lunch. It's worked for me for all these months. Much better than forcing breakfast down me!
Can't say I do that with breakfast, but on days I haven't got any eat-back calories I tend to leave dinner to as late as possible, and usually end up having it 15 minutes before bed lol I'm not overly hungry anyway, but I know If I eat at 6pm and know I have no calories left, I'll spend the evening wanting to snack - even though I never usually snack>! wtf is that about!? hahahahahaha
I am exactly the same Caroline. No idea why?
When I have nothing to do or no where to be I put off having brekkie for as long as possible. I sometimes don't have anything till 11.30!!!
When i was younger I couldn't stomach breakfast at all, but now I try to eat it everyday, but have no idea why I wait so long. I think maybe it's because I don't want such a long gap between breakfast and lunch.
I always thought if i missed breakfast i'd lose weight but i guess that isnt the case lol....
thatlittlebit said:
Im a mix of the lot of you, once I start eating I don't stop so I have something small at 2, then start snacking/dinner from 8. Seems to be working
Thats the main thing though it its working, all our body's are different so for some not eating breakfast is better where as me ive been losing weigh since i started eating
Lol.... Good luck to you
Yep, I'm another 'leave breakfast as long as possible' person. I don't even see it as breakfast anymore, it's really 'brunch'. Like you Caroline, I find it kickstarts my appetite in a big way so try and put it off. On days I have breakfast early, I tend to overeat slightly. I do eat a snack after dinner though so I basically get 3 meals a day, just spread out slightly unconventionally.
I hate breakfast. It's awful.....it's my favourite meal of the day but I can't eat any of the good stuff lol. Bacon toast muffins eggs pancakes.....its all sooooo good!!! And all mostly off my list!!

But if I do eat it then I'm starving an hour later and desperate for lunch!! Then I eat lunch early and end up starving by 3pm......it's a whole lot of hungry!!!!
i try to leave it for as long as possible, weekends i don't eat breakfast at all, usually i only eat once a day on the weekend.

Week days i'm awake at 6/6:30 am and will eat a cereal bar at about 9/10am if i'm working.
I very much agree with you! I am the same, I do find that if I don't have breakfast I can go longer until lunch and do not eat half as much food as I do when I do have breakfast. Then I am just hungry throughout the day no matter how much I eat. Strange how our body (or mind?!) works, isn't it :)

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