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I really struggle with different breakfasts. I usually eat my B choice for breakfast as I leave for work really early and don't generally have time for a cooked breakfast, what do you have? Ideas would be gratefully received (getting bored of weetabix)
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If you have the availability of a microwave you could do all sorts. I have cooked bacon in the microwave before, doesnt come up crispy but does cook nice. Other options would be beans, scramble eggs, pasta,

I have got an omelete maker for my microwave and wouldnt be without it.


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I do tend to have cooked breakfasts - but does mean I get up before 6am most of the time to do this!!
I usually have WM toast with beans, tinned toms, sardines in tom sauce, 'fried' egg, quorn sausage, or Laughing cow extra light and sliced tomatoes. Or if I don't want to use my B choice I'll have an omelette - cheese, tomato and spring onion, smoked salmon, ham and tomato etc.

Hope that helps a little x


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thanks for suggestions, I leave for work at 6.30 so would be eating breakfast at 6ish in order to eat it at home, we do have a microwave at work so will try some of the above. :D


I will be a yummy mummy!
I leave at 6.50-7.00ish so does generally mean I'm making lunches for me and DH around 6am (too lazy to do it night before!), then breakfast for 6.30am - does feel like I'm constantly in the kitchen!! So don't blame you for wanting to do something in work instead of before you leave!!
Another suggestion would be magic porridge if you haven't tried it - from a recipe on here from Donnie I think. You mix your measure of porridge in muller light the night before, leave it overnight then eat in the morning with chopped fruit. Requires no work if you chop the fruit night before (or just use whole berries) plus you could have it ready in a tub to take to work


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I try to mix up my breakfasts as much as other meals - so typically would select from the following:

- Magic porridge & fruit (HEXB)
- Mullerlight and banana or berries
- 2 weetabix with a banana & Mullerlight (HEXB) or skimmed milk (HEXA)
- Oat so simple with fruit (HEX a & B)
- Quorn sausages with beans, mushrooms and scrambled egg (i cook the sausages and mush night before and re-heat in the micro. takes 2 mins to scramble an egg - as like you I am pushed for time in the morning)
- Poached egg on toast with mushrooms and tomatoes (HEXB)
- Omelette (done in microwave)
- Ryvita, ham slices and cottage cheese (HEXB) once you get over the idea of cottage cheese for brekkie - it is actually really nice!!
- Alpen light crumbed into Mullerlight yogurt (1/2 HEXB - then have one after lunch too!)

Hope you enjoy xx
I am getting a little sick of weetabix for breakfast too and would love a cooked breakfast but I tend to eat mine in work too.

Thanks for all the suggestions, they are great.

How are the omelettes from the microwave? I have always been a bit weary as I love the taste of them straight from the pan. Are they still as tasty? Is the texture still the same?

If they are then I'll be off to but an omelette maker too :)

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