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S: 13st10lb G: 10st0lb
I am having real problems with breakfasts.

I don't drink milk so don't have cereals. I like having a cooked breakfast but can't keep having eggs (as getting terrible wind! - for the same reason can't have beans!)
I like having a bacon sandwich but then ave used my HE first thing.
I sometimes have fruit and yoghurt but then starving all morning.

Any ideas for a free breakfast which will fill me up that doesn't use up HE or include eggs/beans?!?!?
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I have a crunchy oats cereal with the lots of fruit n natural yoghurt it seems to fill me up love, I know that's still using yr HeB but if u not doin EE u can use yr other HEB for yr bread or wotever else u want!
Good luck love x
S: 13st10lb G: 10st0lb
I am really trying to do EE but struggling - mainly because I can only have 1 HE. I think I used to have cereal as one and bread as the other. Struggling now!


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Check out the 'what's for breakfast' thread on the main forum - will hopefully give you some ideas.
I tend to have something on toast or if I don't want to use my hexa I'll have an omelette, realise this probably doesn't help though sorry! x


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What about having an alpen light bar with your fruit and yoghurt? It might help fill you up a little bit more and then at least you've still got half a HE left?
Also if I'm having a small breakfast I tend to have a hot choc with it because it helps fill me up a bit and is only 2 syns.


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You can have a cooked breakfast without having beans and eggs every day. What I do is have a menu of breakfast options and each day choose something different from the list. So one day it might be sausage, poached egg, and beans, the next it might be bacon, tomatoes, mushroom and potato scone.

So you have:
sausage - meat and meatfree options
egg - poached, boiled, fried, scrambled, omelette
mushrooms - field and button
hash brown
potato scone
pork patties
bread - toast, soldiers or sandwich

The number of combinations is just about limitless!

Or failing that you could have:
syn free rice pudding and fruit
porridge and golden syrup/cinnamon
yoghurt with an alpen light crumbled on top and some fruit

And who is say that breakfast need to be the traditional foods - you could have whatever you want to eat.


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I sometimes have fruit and yoghurt but then starving all morning.
This is gonna sound a bit bonkers, but bare with me.

A consultant once suggested to be you make up some plain couscous (just a few spoonfuls) and then once the water is all soaked in mix in your favourite fat free youghurt (mullerlight/Activia Fat free etc) I wasn't convinced, but I gave it a go. It's surprisingly nice. It has a consistency similar to tapioca.. It's more filling than just the yoghurt and there is lots of protein in couscous and follow it with your superfree fruit and you're still good on EE :)
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i have either grapes or melon covered in a muller light yoghurt x
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My fave breakfasts are....
Asda summer berries with Mullerlight yogurt poured over them. Great way to start the day with lots of superspeed foods & not having to use any HeB's. They come in a pot from the frozen section too. So when I want some I take some out the night before & put them into a little pot ready for the morning.

I also like other mixed fruits like melon, pineapple, strawberries, apples, satsumas. Again I make up a big pot the night before & it's there in the morning ready to tuck into.

I also like to do a breakfast mix, abit like a fry up but mix it all together. I do this using cubed potatoes, baked beans, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms , bacon & top with a poached egg.

Porridge is another good one, again you wouldnt have to use your HeB if you didnt want to, you could syn a sachet of Oat So Simple Original for only 5 syns.

Or you could have things like Alpen light bars, instead of using as HeB you could syn one at only 3 syns. These are nice crumbled up into a mullerlight yogurt too. xxx


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Great ideas above, but if you want extra bread because you have used your heb for breakfast you can always have an extra portion for 6 syns.
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I just looked up the syns for wholemeal rolls for you too..
You could buy some small wholemeal rolls as they are not too high in syns & just stuff them with bacon or any other filling you fancy for breakfast.
Here are the syns.....

Bread rolls, Wholemeal bap, 28g .
Bread rolls, Wholemeal bap, 113g average 14. Bread rolls, Wholemeal finger roll, 28g 3½ syns.
Bread rolls, Wholemeal finger roll, 50g average 6 ½ syns.
Bread rolls, Wholemeal roll, 28g 3 syns.
Bread rolls, Wholemeal roll, 57g average 6 syns.


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As far as cooked breakfasts go you could have tomatoes, mushrooms or even tinned spag hoops instead of eggs/beans :)


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I've usually have eggs for breaksfast but have run out, so today I had, 2 low fat suasages (morrisons) 2 slices bacon, toms and mushrooms.

Even without the bread and eggs it was very filling, and the morrisons sausages are lovely!



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I go through phases. At the moment it's light (1 weetabix and soya milk and fruit, or just fuit and yogurt), but I have had weeks where I've made syn free soup and had that for breakfast. I also had a muller yogurt with cooked wholegrain rice and (defrosted) frozen mixed berries mixed in.

Breakfast doesn't have to be a traditional affair. Eat what you like to eat.
S: 13st10lb G: 10st0lb
Wow thanks what fantastic ideas. I'm now looking forward to breakfasts to try these out!

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